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Yes, mom bloggers are able to make money! But let me tell you, it does take some work. It’s not easy or fast by any means and will take consistency and hard work to bring in those first dollars.

If you haven’t yet started your blog then you can start one today for less than $5 using the same hosting site I use here called BlueHost. Now, if that is something you think you can do, then keep reading.

I created this mom blog with the purpose to share my story, create content and ultimately build a business. So of course in a business, it’s not an actual business until you’re bringing in income. So I want to share some ways that I make money as a mom blogger with REAL NUMBERS.


One way a mom blogger makes money is through ads on her website. Similar to YouTube, where an ad is shown in the beginning, middle or end of a video, a mom blog can have ads shown throughout her website. Each page visit to her site would then enable her to be paid through the ad network she is apart of.

As of June 2021, I have just added ads onto my site (again) and have made $0. I just started with Ezoic (see below). I was previously using Google Adsense which has a low CPM (the amount paid per 1,000 views). In 2020 when I was running Google Adsense on my website I made $279.62 (From when I started my blog in February 2020 until December 2020)

Below are a few different types of ad networks and how much traffic to your page you’ll need to get started!

Google Adsense (no traffic needed to start)
Ezoic (10,000 sessions to start; I personally use this one!)
MediaVine (50,000 sessions to start; can’t wait to apply to this network once my blog grows more!)

Affiliate Marketing

Some moms choose to forego ads altogether and focus on the affiliate marketing strategy (and some do both). Affiliate marketing is basically promoting another company’s product on your own website and receiving a percentage of the sale once a customer clicks on you’re affiliate link.

For example, this blog post contains affiliate link. If you click the link, and sign up or purchase a product, I would receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

In 2020, as a mom blogger I made $493.05 in affiliate income mostly from this affiliate marketing website called Shareasale.

Amazon Affiliate

Sponsored Posts

Similar to influencers on instagram or content creators on YouTube, mom bloggers can also get paid for posting to their platforms. Bloggers are actually one of the first influencers in the internet world where this type of payment happened.

Often, a company will reach out to a blogger and pay for a product review or blog post about their company to expand their reach. Many times the company will offer free products in return for a sponsored post but they also have budgets for paid content as well.

Another way to land some sponsored posts, even for smaller blogs, is through sponsored networks. I have earned sponsored post content with some of these networks, but not for my blog yet so I won’t include it in this income report.

Muse Ahalogy:
Acorn Influence
Social Native
Activate by Impact
Social Fabric
Mom It Forward
Influence Central

Digital Products

Another way that mom bloggers make money is through their own products. Physical products are still in, such as planners and t-shirts but digital products are where it’s at! Digital products allow you to get a huge chunk of the hard work in the beginning stages of developing and launching it and then selling it for years to come without a lot of extra work in the future.

In 2020, I made $1,382 through ebooks and online course sales. Below are some different types of digital products with unlimited options in each category to make it your own!


Total Blogging Income for 2020

So the simple answer is yes, mom bloggers make money! Even small mom blogs!

In 2020 I had a total of 24 blog posts publish (mostly about fertility), 84,865 sessions, 168,043 page views and made a total of $2,154.67 in my first year of blogging! And that was only 11 months because I started in February 2020. I also want to note that 93% of that traffic was from PINTEREST. #mindblown

I started this blog pregnant with my second child, a full-time job as nurse case manager, and in the year of 2020 LOL

I love to see how God works through my business and shows me where I can improve. Last year I had a goal of writing 100 blog posts in one year but because of my excuses and the worldwide drama of 2020 I fell off. BUT I’m back!

I’m getting serious with spreading the gospel and helping other mamas on the ministry of motherhood and have made a commitment to have 100 blog posts on my website by August 30, 2021! This post makes 32 so I’ve got some work to do but I know that as I work WILLINGLY for the Lord He will continue to bless!

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