Fertile Faith in Five

5 Steps to Increase Your Faith + Fertility 

About the Course


Fertile Faith in 5 is for women looking to increase their faith in God on their journey to conceive!

The course provides 5 virtual sessions to assist you shift your TTC mindset from hopeless to hopeful and take your faith to the next level while you are trying to get pregnant!

What’s Included?

  •  Access to an exclusive course site with training to help you find peace + hope in TTC
  • Private FB Group for Support
  • 1 on 1 Consultation Opportunities
  • 4 Video training sessions + 1 Audio Bible Study
  • Mind-sheets (worksheets to assist your faith + TTC journey)
  • Spilling all my tips to gaining positivity, peace and trust in the Lord
  • Discounts on Upcoming Programs + Courses
  • Bundle package includes: The Fertility Diet That Changed My Life!


Developing Your Perfect Routine

This module assists you to combine faith + TTC by building a solid faith foundation, discover coping strategies to assist in your journey and teach you how to cover your womb in prayer.

The Cleanse | Making Room of the Lord

This module helps you understand the physical purpose of your menstrual cycle + spiritual purpose of the importance of cleansing and making time for the Lord.

Production | Producing Results in Your Life

This module focuses on the follicular + ovulation phase of your cycle, how to be productive in your faith + life, increasing your cervical mucous and fertility nutrition as it pertains to ovulation.

Implantation | Boosting Your Fertile Faith Through Prayer

This module helps you understand the luteal phase (the two week wait) of your cycle, boosting your fertile faith through prayer and the best foods to eat for implantation.

Defeating Doubt in TTC + Miscarriage | Bible Study

This module is a bible study on eliminating doubt in your journey and finding faith + joy in the process!


I wanted to say I enjoyed the video call! I believe this group is really going to help me continue to dive deeper into God’s word and learn to completely give my TTC journey to God.

Shaniya (1st pregnancy of the group 🥳 )

I really enjoyed last nights meeting! I am happy that we can talk about what we are going through TTC as well as keeping God on our side in this process. 🤗🤗


Our first meeting last night was amazing and refreshing. You’ve convicted me in my laziness concerning my daily devotion to the Lord. That’s very important . Reading his word and meditating on the promises of God will build me up spirituality, and mentally . I am grateful for the ministry that the Lord has bestowed upon you. Discipline is my weakness when waking up in the morning also 🥴 I’m an over night work , so you can relate. If you can make the effort and put God as your priority, then I know I can too.

I’m excited for our next meeting 😊


Fertile Faith in 5

Fertile Faith in 5 + The Fertility Diet That Changed my Life!