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fertility coach near me

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A fertility coach is an expert who specializes in helping couples and individuals navigate their way through the process of trying to conceive. They provide valuable support, guidance, and advice on everything from nutrition and lifestyle changes to emotional stress management.

With their help, you can learn how to make informed decisions that will increase your chances of becoming pregnant naturally or with medical assistance.


What is a Fertility Coach?

If you’re a woman trying to get pregnant, you may have heard about fertility coaching, but what does it really do for you? Fertility coaching is a great way to get the support and tools you need to increase your chances of conception.

Let’s explore what fertility coaching looks like and how it can help you on your journey to motherhood.

The Benefits of Fertility Coaching

Emotional Support

Fertility coaching provides emotional support while helping women understand their bodies better. A certified fertility coach will be there every step of the way to answer questions, provide information, and offer reassurance when needed.

They will also address any doubts or fears that arise as well as any lifestyle habits that may be affecting your fertility.

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Coaching and Cycle Reviews

Fertility coaches also help with cycle reviews, so they can look at data points such as ovulation dates and basal body temperature readings over time for insights into your body’s natural rhythms.

This allows them to make recommendations on how to optimize your cycle in order to increase your chances of conception. Plus, they can provide infertility tools such as nutritional advice, exercise tips, and relaxation techniques that may further improve your pregnancy chances.

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Miscarriage Support

Fertility coaches are also equipped to provide miscarriage support when needed. Even if it wasn’t successful this time around, they can help provide insight into why it happened and offer guidance on how best to move forward with future pregnancies.

The journey of getting pregnant can be long and exhausting—but with the right coach by your side, it doesn’t have to be!

So if you’re trying for a baby and haven’t considered working with a fertility coach yet, now might be a perfect time! It could just make all the difference in helping reach that positive pregnancy test result sooner rather than later!

3 Ways to Find a Fertility Coach

Online Fertility Coaching

You don’t have to go into a doctor’s office or women’s center to find a great fertility coach. There are many capable and certified coaches available online that can provide the guidance you need on your journey to getting pregnant.

Octavia Steen, Certified Natural Fertility Coach

Octavia Steen is the owner of Mother Mindset, an online business created to help mothers grow their families, create healthy habits, and build generational wealth.

Mother Mindset has a fertility mentorship program that provides guidance and faith-based mentorship for women struggling to get pregnant. Octavia will help you feel empowered and overcome emotional blocks that may be hindering your journey. With Mother Mindset fertility coaching you’ll receive preconception assistance without feeling information overload.

If you’re in the beginning stages of trying to get pregnant or have even been trying for more than a year, support is available through online coaching.


Fertility Mindset Mentorship

Get pregnant without sacrificing your peace in the Fertility Mindset Mentorship. Click here to learn more.

Fertility Outreach

Fertility outreach is a service run by the fertility resource website Fertility Out Loud. It helps to match you with fertility support for your journey through text.

Through this service, you’ll receive personalized guidance via text through a fertility coach. Fertility Outreach is another virtual option for receiving fertility coaching services.

Fertility Directory

Lastly, a fertility directory, like this one provided by the National Black Doula Association, allows you to search locally for a fertility coach. If you’re desiring an in-person coach to provide practical guidance on your fertility journeys, then this option might be best for you.

A fertility journey is truly personal and you should aim to look for a fertility coach who you feel comfortable sharing the emotional toll of infertility with. Whether virtually or locally, a fertility coach can help support you with the mind-body connection as well as help you feel supported during your journey to pregnancy.

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Coaching for Each Stage of a Fertility Journey

Preparation Before Trying to Conceive

Fertility coaches are especially helpful in the early stages of a fertility journey. They may help you find out more information about fertility testing, understanding your menstrual cycle, nutrition, and lifestyle tips to prepare your body for conception, and even relationship advice.

Many fertility coaches are also certified in life coaching giving them a unique set of skills to help you emotionally and mentally prepare for the challenges that infertility can bring.

First Year of Trying To Get Pregnant

If you’ve been trying to conceive for six months or more you may have more questions about your fertility at this point. A fertility coach can help you by taking a deeper dive into your cycle.

They can look at your cycle charts and help you implement lifestyle changes that may be necessary for pregnancy.

If you’re looking for a great listener, a community of women also struggling, or someone to talk you through this season of life, many fertility coaches offer these things.

Fertility Treatments

If you are at a point in your journey where you’ve received a diagnosis of infertility from a fertility clinic and require medical intervention for any reason, a fertility coach can help you navigate this season.

Fertility clinics have available options for fertility treatment, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) or intrauterine insemination (IUI), a fertility coach who specializes in this type of support can help you understand the medical research, the process, and provide guidance on how to optimize your chances of success.

You’ll learn about the different types of treatments, what you can expect from each one, and any associated risks so that you can make an informed decision. Your fertility coach can also work hand-in-hand with your healthcare professional to make sure your IUI or IVF cycle is managed effectively.

IVF and IUI can be very hard on your family, relationship, and health, so making sure you’re taking advantage of sessions with your fertility coach to talk will only be beneficial for any anxiety or stress you may be experiencing.

Bottom Line

Your fertility journey doesn’t have to be a lonely one.

There is support available for this season of your life and few people are aware of those resources. Fertility coaches don’t have to be in your time zone to be effective for your journey. They can provide hope, help you navigate miscarriage and loss, support you through the process of building your family, and provide you with the knowledge and tools you’ll need for your journey to motherhood.

If you’re a Christian woman desiring to get pregnant, check out my free guide on fertility prayer.

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