Haakaa vs Ladybug Debate: Is the Haakaa Ladybug Worth It?

haakaa ladybug milk collector

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If you are currently breastfeeding, then you know how important it is to have the right tools. But what about the haakaa vs ladybug? A haakaa ladybug is a great tool that can help make breastfeeding easier and more comfortable for both you and your baby. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using the ladybug milk collector and a review compared to the regular-sized haakaa. We will also answer some common questions about this handy little tool!

haakaa ladybug, haakaa vs ladybug

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What is a Haakaa Ladybug Milk Collector?

The ladybug silicone milk collector is a small, handheld silicone pump that is used to collect extra milk supply while breastfeeding or doing household tasks. This one-piece design attaches over your breast and can be worn discreetly inside your nursing bra.

A haakaa milk collector is an excellent tool for moms who have extra milk when breastfeeding and often find themselves leaking spontaneously. It doesn’t interrupt the natural lactation process and you can lay it on flat surfaces without worrying about spillage. It has a light suction and for some moms can act as a way to create a stash of breast milk without extra effort.

If you have a significant amount of breast milk leakage you know how important it is to capture every precious drop of your liquid gold. The ladybug silicone breast milk collector has a 75 ml capacity for a strong milk supply and collects the natural letdown milk with gentle suction.

Now that we’ve talked about the basics of this haakaa milk collector, let’s talk about the pros and cons.

HAAKAA vs Ladybug

(below is a partial transcription of my review video above)

Hola, it’s Avi, and welcome back to my channel. Today we’re going to be talking about the ladybug silicone milk collector. 

I’ve been using a haaka silicone milk collector for a couple of months now. Yeah, it’s been a couple of months that I have been using this. I kind of wanted to use it to the best of my ability before I did a review on it.

haakaa pump

Y’all know that I love love love my haakaa. This is a four-ounce haakaa. I also have one similar to this that holds five ounces. So I use two haakaa silicone pumps when I am pumping throughout the day.

And I love this.

This is essential for your breastfeeding journey. So let’s get into it.

My Haakaa Recommendations on Amazon

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Pros of the Haakaa Ladybug

We’ll talk about the pros of the silicone milk collector first.

Discretion and Modesty

This can be really discreet. It’s kind of similar compared to the Elvie where you could just put it inside of your bra. That is what the ladybug silicone milk collector is for.

So it does have a place to put your nipple of course and you are able to have a light and natural suction to it. You press in like this and you suction it to your nipple after placing it inside your bra.

As I said, it can be very discreet which is the reason I did buy this, I could place it inside of my bra while at church where I can’t necessarily use the regular size haakaa silicone pump.

I like to cover up so I put the ladybug silicone milk collector in while she’s feeding on the other side and I’m able to be discreet. She also doesn’t kick it off.

white ceramic mug with coffee, nursing pads

Better Than a Nursing Pad

Pro number two: it is better than a nursing pad. It’s the perfect breast pad alternative. When I put a pad on I feel like I always leak through the pad. Disposable nursing pads like these don’t work for me. 

This depends on how full my breasts are and if I’m not using a haakaa on the other side while I’m feeding. If I put on a disposable or a reusable cloth nursing pad it helps but it starts to leak from out of the sides.

Therefore, I still get leakage in my bra. So for the purpose of catching a small or bigger leak then the ladybug is very useful.

Also, if you are breastfeeding at night and you start to leak, instead of grabbing a regular haakaa or manual pump and trying to do a side-lying feed, you can use a ladybug.

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Cons of the Ladybug

Okay, so the cons in regards to the ladybug silicone milk collector include:

It’s Not a Breast Milk Pump

When I use it, I get nothing out of it. The thing is, that’s not what it’s meant for. It’s not meant to be a pump.

It’s just meant to catch the leakage but when I watched the haakaa breast pump website video, the lady was pouring out like two ounces and I was thinking how?

It doesn’t work for me in just catching leaks while I’m not breastfeeding. It might work for someone else who leaks during the day though.

I loved my regular haakaa pump so much, I thought I’d also love the ladybug but I just didn’t.

Read Reviews Before Buying

I should have looked at amazon reviews before I bought it and that’s on me. I guess because I went into it with the mindset that it is a pump. If you’re thinking about buying this as a pump, don’t.

elvie curve pump review

Better Alternative: Elvie Curve vs Ladybug

Wearable Manual Pumps to Collect Milk

A better alternative is an Elvie Curve vs the ladybudg. A manual breast pump like the Elvie Curve is similar in size with features like the original haakaa silicone milk collector. In 2-3 minutes I am usually able to collect 2-3 oz of extra milk. Here’s my review of the Elvie Curve vs the Ladybug.

Final Thoughts

This is my honest and personal review of the haakaa milk collector. If you’re looking for a pump then this is not for you. But if you were looking for something to just catch a leak from extra milk and not necessarily pump out additional milk then yes, this product is for you.

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Ladybug FAQ

How Long Do You Leave the Ladybug On?

The haakaa milk collector can be worn for as long as you like, however, we recommend taking it off after every feeding or when your milk flow has slowed down.

Can I Use the Ladybug With A Nipple Shield?

Yes, a ladybug silicone milk collector can be used while breastfeeding a baby on the other breast with a nipple shield.

Do I Need To Clean the Ladybug After Each Use?

Yes, we recommend cleaning your ladybug milk collector after each use with a bottle brush and hot soapy water and allowing it to air dry. You can also sterilize it by boiling it in water for a few minutes. I also have personally used a bottle sterilizer to clean my breastfeeding supplies as well.

Can You Wear the Haakaa Ladybugs to Sleep?

Yes, the ladybug milk collector can be worn to sleep. Some moms even prefer to wear it overnight to catch any leaks while asleep. When doing so, a great tip is to have a tight-fitting bar so it doesn’t fall off in the middle of the night and spill.

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How Much Does the Ladybug Hold?

The ladybug milk collector can hold up to 75ml or about three ounces of milk.

Can the Ladybug Cause Oversupply?

No, the ladybug milk collector will not cause oversupply. It is not a pump and simply catches any leaks.

Do You Have To Sterilize the Haakaa Silicone Pump Every Time?

We recommend sterilizing the ladybug silicone pump before each use, however, you can also clean it with a bottle brush and hot soapy water.

Can You Use Milk Collected in Breast Shells?

Yes, you can use milk collected in breast shells. Breast shells, like the ladybug, are a great way to collect any leaks while breastfeeding or doing household tasks.

haakaa ladybug milk collector

Can You Use a Ladybug to Pump and Increase Milk Supply?

No, it’s not meant for exclusively pumping. If you are pumping, it’s best to use a double electric pump to increase your supply. How much milk you get will vary with each pump.

What is the Difference Between Haakaa Ladybug and Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump?

The haakaa ladybug is a smaller version of the haakaa and can be worn discreetly inside your bra. The haakaa silicone breast pump is a larger, manual pump that can be used to catch milk while breastfeeding or expressing milk.

A haakaa ladybug is an excellent manual pump tool for moms who have excess milk when breastfeeding and often find themselves leaking spontaneously.

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