5 Simple Habits of a Happy Healthy Mom

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Being a mom is one of the greatest gifts, but it can also be hard. As moms, we constantly care for our loved ones and ensure everyone else is happy and healthy. But oftentimes, we forget to take care of ourselves! It’s important for us to make self-care a priority, too, because when we’re fulfilled with good nutrition, mindful activities, and time for ourselves, that helps us stay energized so that we have more love to give to others. That’s why I’m sharing five simple habits of a happy healthy mom that you can start implementing today!

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5 Simple Habits of Healthy Moms

1. Take Time For Yourself

Being a healthy mom doesn’t just mean making sure your kids are eating their fruits and veggies – it means carving out time for yourself, too! It can be hard to step away, especially when you have a million things to do, but taking even five minutes each day for yourself is an important part of self-care.

Whether you enjoy reading your favorite devotional or tending to the flowers in the garden, these moments give us precious time to reset and recharge our batteries so that we can be ready to take on whatever life throws our way.

If carving out five minutes seems impossible, set a daily reminder or sign up for a fitness class with family or friends – just remember that making sure you have some “me-time” every day is essential for keeping your sanity!

2. Eat Healthy

Everyone has to eat, right? As a mom, it’s easy to get sidetracked while focusing on the well-being of your family that you sometimes forget about how important cooking and eating right really is.

Fueling yourself with nutrient-rich meals gives you the energy – and positivity – you deserve as a mum. And it’ll take care of the baby too!

Sure, when family and friends drop off casseroles and other goodies for the new bundle of joy, it’s hard not to indulge once in a while and eat them. But try to aim for healthy meals and snacks when you can!

It’ll be beneficial for the health of the entire fam because they can lead a healthy lifestyle too!

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3. Supplement Appropriately

Taking a prenatal vitamin is one of the simplest and most beneficial steps for any mom’s health at any stage in life. That’s why I take the Beli Baby prenatal vitamin – it’s made with natural ingredients that cover all my needs before, during, and after my pregnancy

It doesn’t have a gritty taste, just a light and sweet mint flavor that makes it enjoyable to take. Beli Baby can help with fertility for healthy pregnancies, conception, egg quality, and protecting your baby’s brain & spine.

Additionally, it helps to keep women energized throughout pregnancy & postpartum, supports bone density for mom and child, reduces nausea, and even helps with postpartum recovery & the breastfeeding process.

It’s an easy way to make sure you are getting what you need at the most important stages of motherhood!

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4. Sleep When The Baby Sleeps

Getting enough sleep as a mom just doesn’t seem plausible at times.

Sleep when the baby is sleeping is a mantra that has been echoed for generations by dauntingly cheerful parents and well-meaning relatives.

And a week after my firstborn arrived, I knew why: those few moments of me-time snuggled beneath soft blankets were gifts beyond price in those first weeks of sleep deprivation after childbirth.

It felt indulgent in a way to take the break while they were finally zonked out, and it was essential for keeping me emotionally buoyed when tiredness threatened to overwhelm me.

Of course, I cherished every moment with my new daughter, but what sustains us – as parents and individuals – is having enough energy to make those moments actually enjoyable.

So do yourself a favor mama: say ‘yes please’ to that nap!

5. Any Type of Movement Will Do

As a busy mom, it can be hard to make time for regular movement and workouts. But the good news is that you don’t have to do an intense workout for your health – any type of movement will do.

Why not break out the stroller and go for lunch or a neighborhood walk? Or leave hubby with the kids and enjoy a class at the gym? Or even throw on online workouts or exercise videos and work out with your children!

You won’t always feel motivated but whatever gets you moving will create a great habit for you as a mom. All you have to do is take that first step!

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Pregnant Moms

Pregnant moms can lead a healthy lifestyle too. All of the above tips apply to your pregnancy journey and a healthier you as a parent as well, but make sure you listen to your body and what it needs.

While exercising is good for your health, don’t overexert yourself, and make sure you are eating a balanced diet full of nutritious foods. If you have any questions or concerns, it’s always best to ask your doctor or midwife – they know what’s best for you!

Your entire pregnancy is a great opportunity to practice the healthy lifestyle you’ll want to implement after giving birth. This is such an exciting time to focus on yourself and prepare for what’s ahead.

Taking care of yourself during pregnancy is just as important as taking care of your little one, and following these tips will help ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy and bring home a healthy bundle of joy.

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The Importance of a Healthy Mom

Taking prenatal vitamins is one of the easiest ways to make sure both you and your child are healthy during pregnancy. Sure, as we discussed, eating a nutritious diet is important too, but there are certain things you just can’t get through food alone.

That’s why prenatal vitamins have become a must-have staple in any healthy mom’s life. Not only do they provide essential nutrition that can help support your infant grow strong like folic acid, but they can also help reduce maternal stress levels too!

Plus, it will feel good knowing that you’re doing something extra to support the health of your little one.

FAQ About Being a Healthy Mom

What is a healthy mom?

A healthy mom is someone who takes proactive steps to make sure both she and her children are getting everything they need for a healthy life. This looks different for every mom in varying stages of her life but is so essential.

How can a busy mother stay healthy?

A busy mom can stay healthy by making sure she takes care of herself first. That could look like taking the time to get proper nutrition, exercise, and rest.

It’s also important to find ways to manage stress, such as prayer or meditation. Lastly, it’s always important to remember that a healthy lifestyle is an ongoing process – not something you can achieve overnight!

How to be a healthy breastfeeding mom?

Breastfeeding mamas are unique in their need for extra sustenance and energy to support the production of milk. Eating a balanced diet with plenty of calories, protein, and healthy fats is important but it’s equally important to drink plenty of fluids and get enough sleep.

The term “healthy mom” may look different depending on the stage of life you’re in. The bottom line is a healthy lifestyle can be achieved no matter what season of motherhood you’re going through right now. Making sure you are receiving essential nutrients and vitamins as well as taking care of yourself are all important for your health.

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