Whether you believe it or not, you have the most important job in the entire world. Raising babies is no small task mama! So first and foremost, KNOW that as a mother you hold value.

Your time is valuable, your skills are valuable, your gifts are valuable, and your presence is valuable.

I know for me, my toddlers absolutely love when I am home AND PRESENT.

I have to add that last piece because if I’m scrolling social media, writing this blog post, or doing my own thing while I’m in their presence am I really PRESENT?

Probably not and they definitely notice.

Be Present

So to feel more valued as a stay at home mom, try being more present. Being in your child’s presence is one thing but engaging in fun and active learning activities with them is another.

If you’re already doing this, great! If not, I don’t mean to belittle the little time you may have in the first place but the pure joy that you’ll see on your littles faces when you do 4pm arts and crafts will be worth it. Promise!

Taking time to engage with your little ones (or big ones) adds value to your life and theirs. It helps you as a stay at home mom to realize the bigger picture. Whether you chose to become a stay at home mom to be the main and first source of educating your family or for financial reasons (hello 2020), you’re exactly where you are supposed to be.

So be present.

Take time for yourself

Now on the other hand, you’ll need some time for yourself too. Otherwise, let’s face it, you might go a bit cray cray.

I’m blessed to have littles (current 1 and 2 years old) who take 3 hour naps. Don’t worry, I’m praying this same blessing for you as well mama! But I absolutely love to take this midday afternoon break to work on my business. It’s what I ENJOY doing.

Filming YouTube videos, writing blog posts, helping my health + fitness clients, and now that I write that all out it seems like a lot. But I love it!

So what do you like to do? Take the chunks of time that you do have and do it! The dishes can wait and the floor can last another 20 minutes with crumbs. You’ll feel so much better just having something for YOU that you can do daily.

Know Your Worth

“A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.” – Proverbs 31:10

Yep, Proverbs 31 says it all. Whenever I feel discouraged as a stay at home mom I know that I can always to go the Bible to find my true value.

Your identity is not caught up in the pile of dishes in the sink or the clothes that are in the washer from three days ago. Your identity is found in Christ Jesus who thinks the world of you. (or else He wouldn’t have sacrificed His life on the cross for us).

Mama, you are valued as a stay at home mom. You are raising up the next generation of doctors, nurses, police officers, entrepreneurs or stay at home parents! You’ve got work to do 🙂

That work includes being an example to your children on the Godly woman they see before them. Showing them kindness, love, patience, and all of the fruits of the spirit God has placed in you. Your children are awaiting to see the gifts that the Holy Spirit has prepared inside of you to shine light on this dark world before us.

So when you’re think of yourself as “just” a stay at home mom. Think about these things. Think about how present you are. Think about how you get to carve out time to work on you. Think about how worthy you are that God placed you in this season for a reason.

You were created for this!

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