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So you’re wondering how to get pregnant fast with hormonal imbalance? I personally went through a 40+ day miscarriage and conceived my baby girl the month after it ended! I feel sooo blessed to have such a testimony to share with the trying to conceive community.

So I definitely wanted to share some of the trying to conceive tips I used during that month to better help you out future mama, so keep reading!

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How to Get Pregnant Fast with Hormonal Imbalance

Fertility Nutrition

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1. Change Your Diet

I really don’t like to call it a diet, I like to call it a lifestyle.

For long-term purposes, a diet isn’t optimal. When you’re trying to conceive, a diet might get you where you need to be for a month or a couple of weeks…

But if you’re looking to change your lifestyle, balance hormones, conceive a baby and overall become healthier, it’s going to take true change.

Before I got pregnant again after my miscarriage I did some research. I found that my gut needed healing and that a lot of foods were causing my body to become inflamed.


Our bodies have a natural mechanism for fighting against things that don’t belong in our body but often we’re fighting against our own bodies by continuing to feed it junk or foods that we don’t tolerate well.

For example, foods that cause inflammation are trans fats, fast foods, salty snacks, white sugars, and white carbs. Foods like these cause our bodies to fight harder and do too much work.

So I changed my diet to eat more anti-inflammatory foods and I actually detailed that in my Fertility Nutrition Guide with recipes and a food list!

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2. Drink More Water

Hydrate those eggs ladies!

This should probably be neck and neck as number one in trying to conceive tips.

During my conception month for my baby girl Ava my goal was a gallon of water a day (128 oz). The reason water is so important for ovulation is because your body needs water (in general) in order to function correctly.

My husband drinks over a gallon a day so I’m sure his sperm quality is AMAZING.

But my eggs… DRY.

Your body goes into dehydration mode when you don’t drink enough water.

Meaning only your vital organs get the benefit of the water you ARE drinking and unfortunately reproductive organs don’t fall under vital.

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3. Track Ovulation

How to Get Pregnant Fast with Hormonal Imbalance

All of these tips definitely have to do with being more in tuned with your body. Tracking ovulation is key when trying to conceive and to get pregnant fast!

The end of your fertile window (time where you are most fertile) is indicated by ovulation.  Ovulation is defined as the release of a mature egg from the ovarian follicle.

Some women will feel ovulation pain when an egg is released but most women do not which can also make it difficult in knowing when you have ovulated.


That’s where ovulation predictor kits also known as OPK’s come in. These kits are very beneficial while trying to conceive, especially if you’re just learning about your cycle and your body.

OPK’s detect the impending release of your egg through a urine test for the presence of a hormone called the luteinizing hormone or better known as LH.  You always have LH in your system but LH will surge (increase) during ovulation. This time frame is 24 to 48 hours.

As far as basal body temperatures and ovulation goes, it’s great for confirming ovulation but not ideal for actually knowing when ovulation day is coming.

Exercise to get pregnant fast

4. Exercise and Move Your Body

The month I conceived I listened to my personal trainer! I moved my body 20-30 minutes a day!

I feel like when I exercise first thing in the morning I feel completely satisfied with life.

It could be anything from stretching (yoga), walking outside or on the tready, or a workout to get your heart pumping. After I conceived my first baby I actually started doing these home workouts and got pregnant (8 months postpartum) after completing this program.

I actually lost 30lbs in 4 months and was back to my pre-college weight (with added muscle) before conceiving baby # 2.

Great thing is, you can actually try the workouts with me and jump all in with a nutrition and workout package for a year like I did.

Either way, it’s time to get to moving sis!

5. Meditation and Quiet Time

The thing is, with trying to conceive it can become so overwhelming (raise your hand or comment below if you know what I mean).

It is so important that you are not stressed when trying to conceive.

But when your mind is stressed, then your body also takes on that stress. Stress doesn’t provide an optimal womb for a baby to thrive in.

In my office and prayer room I set the mood with candles and encouraging books. I love to play worship music and spend some quiet time with the Lord.

I pray over my womb using focused fertility prayers and just allow my mind to be cleared of any distractions or negativity.

It also really helps to keep a gratitude journal during TTC (and motherhood as well) to focus in on things that you are grateful for each day. It changes your entire mindset for the day and optimizes a positive atmosphere for your mind and body connection!

Get Pregnant Fast!

That’s what we did to get pregnant fast! And we actually got pregnant within a month of implementing the above tips.

I’ll also note that I went through a 40+ day miscarriage prior to conceiving baby girl Ava as well.

So if you’ve just had a miscarriage or going through one right now, my heart and prayers goes out to you because I know EXACTLY how you’re feeling sis.

Don’t lose hope, try to implement these tips and if you need support my TTC group is always open!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these trying to conceive tips in the comments below!

Blessings + Baby dust!

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