how to stimulate letdown with haakaa

How to Stimulate Let Down With a Haakaa: Easiest Method

Last Updated on January 20, 2023 by Avi Steen

A lot of new mothers struggle with how to stimulate let down when they are breastfeeding. Some women find that using a haakaa pump helps them to achieve let down more easily. If you are having trouble getting your milk flowing, read on for our easy method of using the haakaa pump to stimulate let down!

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how to stimulate let down with haakaa

This post is all about how to stimulate let down with a haakaa pump.

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Easy Method: How to Stimulate Let Down with Haakaa

What is a Haakaa Pump?

A haakaa is a silicone breast pump that creates a suction to the breast and catches milk that would otherwise spill or leak into a nursing pad. It’s basically the main breastfeeding essential a mother needs.

The haakaa silicone pump is so good for just building the stash. You can take them wherever you want. They are not big and bulky like a normal manual or electric pump.

You can literally put them in your purse and grab & go. 

I’ve also used them in public with my nursing cover while breastfeeding. I don’t recommend this if you have an active baby because they can knock the Haakaa off but for those first newborn stages, it’s an excellent pump to use!

What is Letdown?

Letdown is the release of milk from the breasts. It occurs when the hormone oxytocin is released and signals the milk-producing cells in the breast to let down milk.

How to Stimulate Let Down with a Haakaa

To use the haakaa pump to stimulate let down, first make sure that your breast is properly positioned in the cup. The nipple should be pointing downwards and you should ensure that the entire areola is in the mouth of the pump.

Gently squeeze the bulb and release it slowly to create a suction on your breast. Begin to “pump” the bulb, squeezing it continuously while still suctioned to create a breast pump-like sensation.

Repeat this process until milk begins to flow. This is the easiest method to stimulate let down with a haakaa.

Another way to stimulate let down with a haakaa is to again gently squeeze the bulb to create suction on your breast. Then allow the suction to hold for 10 seconds, release, and then repeat the process until milk begins to flow.

The third way to stimulate let down with a haakaa is to suction the haakaa pump to one breast and begin feeding your baby on the other side.

The release of milk on one breast will cause the other to “leak” and therefore cause let down to happen simultaneously as you feed.

Final Thoughts on Stimulating Letdown with Breastfeeding

Some women find that it helps to massage their breasts while using the haakaa pump in order to stimulate let down. Others find that sucking on a cold drink or biting on an ice cube can help as well. Experiment with different methods until you find what works best.

Breastfeeding can be a wonderful experience for both mother and baby, but it can sometimes be difficult to get the milk flowing. If you are struggling with how to stimulate letdown, don’t worry – there are many ways to achieve this.

The haakaa pump is an easy way to stimulate let down, and our simple method can help you get started. It’s my absolute favorite breastfeeding must-have! So don’t give up on breastfeeding sis – try using a haakaa pump to stimulate let down and see how much easier it becomes!

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