Time blocking as a stay at home mom, let me just tell you can be so beneficial for your productivity! You can get so much done if you just set aside the time to do it.

Calendar Blocking

I use my calendar to block out time in my schedule to do specific task. I set timers which is the ultimate mom hack and make sure that I am focused on the task at hand.

Time blocks allow me to know what task is important at that specific time. When I’m using my block scheduling I know that if I am in a work time block then I am focused on tasks like emails, content creation, filming, writing instagram posts etc. 

Block scheduling allows me to be more productive and realize where I waste my time. And really ain’t nobody got time for that.

How to Use Time Blocks

The time block method I use is simple. Start with the have-tos. What do I have to do today?

I have to sleep, duh. I know it’s silly but put it on the calendar.

Other things that I have to do include my morning routine with prayer and reading my Bible as well as my stay at home mom duties. Put it on the calendar

Next, what do I need to do to be productive today. Or really any day lol. Block out the time you have leftover from your have tos and use that time to be productive. Told you it was simple.

Theme Days for Time Blocking

Now as a stay at home mom, content creator, and entrepreneur I set up theme days to group my task for time blocking.

For example on Monday and Wednesday I’ll focus on my health and fitness coaching business tasks and then on Tuesday and Friday I would do content creation. 

Maybe as a stay at home mom you focus on cleaning the house on Monday and Thursday and then me time on Tuesday and Friday. I don’t know you should probably clean your house every day but you get the point. lol

And that’s just a short overview of how I time block to be more productive as a stay at home mom and get more done! Check out the video above where I show you how!

How do you currently manage your time? Do you use time blocking? Leave a comment below!

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