6 Key Implantation Tips to Increase Your Chances Naturally

implantation tips

Last Updated on December 14, 2023 by Avi Steen

Have you ever wondered if there were some things that you could do to help move implantation right along? Implantation tips you could follow in your monthly cycle to help increase your chances of having a baby?

Well today, that’s what this post is all about. 

My name is Octavia Steen. I’m a mom of 2 with 1 on the way and have a business called Mother Mindset. 

I help empower women of God who are trying to get pregnant naturally to overcome negative thoughts and balance their hormones so she no longer has to deal with overwhelm in their TTC journey.

If that’s you then you are in the right place!

Today, we’re going to discuss some implantations tips that can help you with your monthly cycle to increase implantation during the two-week wait!

Implantation Tips

  • Fertility Tea

Grab yourself some fertility tea. Red raspberry leaf tea is my tea of choice while trying to get pregnant as well as in my third trimester of pregnancy (closer to term).

I absolutely love what it does for my body and the clients I recommend to. It actually helps to tone your uterus. Toning your uterus can strengthen your uterine lining during your monthly cycle.

It’s just one of the many teas out there so definitely do a bit of research and make sure to look at the ingredients list when trying other teas. Sometimes they add chemicals that can actually prevent pregnancy to teas that can be harmful to women trying.

  • Lower Body Workouts

During the two-week wait, I suggest incorporating more lower body workouts (I hope you’re already working out sis!). It helps to promote more blood flow to your lower body and no this doesn’t mean leg day every day. 

If you’d like some free workouts that are safe while trying to conceive, check out my latest free challenge here.

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    • Pineapple Core

    The third tip is to eat pineapple core within the first week of your 2WW. In that first week, cut the core of one fresh pineapple into 6-7 pieces.

    Inside the core of the pineapple is a healthy nutrient called bromelain. It helps to decrease inflammation in the body and is ideal for your entire monthly cycle but specifically as you approach implantation.

    At any point in your cycle, it’s important to eat foods that help with inflammation, specifically around the time when your baby is traveling and about to implant. Optimizing your nutrition and your fertility diet plan is so important. 

    Nutrition was something that was KEY in my TTC journey.

    • Comfort Foods

    Speaking of food, tap into those warm comfort foods. No, we’re not talking about mac-n-cheese with meatloaf. Instead, dive into some healthy comfort foods to make sure you’re maintaining optimal nutrition for the baby and your fertility. A big crockpot of healthy chili was my go-to in my two-week waits.

    Incorporate these healthy comfort foods into your meal plan for the week so that you can keep your body warm and create a warm atmosphere for the baby to implant.

    • Fuzzy Socks

    Another warmth tip here. It might be one of those superstitions but I highly recommend them. If it’s not broken don’t fix it right? And it’s worked for me three times.  One of those times being in the summer lol.

    I’m sure I’ve said this in another post before but when you wear comfy socks or slippers throughout the two-week wait it also helps to warm up your entire body including your womb. And for me who struggles with occasional anemia, it’s especially important that I keep my limbs warm (and eat lots of spinach). 

    • Prayer

    The last tip is to pray. I know you all knew it was coming, right? What would one of my fertility posts be without prayer?

    The TWW can be very overwhelming so we have to make sure to tap into the power of prayer. The power that God so graciously gave us of prayer. The opportunity to share our greatest desires and uncomfortable struggles with Him. 

    We can pray over the things that are coming at us and against us during the TTC journey. The negativity, fear, and overwhelm can be canceled by prayer.

    We do this so that we can really tap into what God has for our lives and the future babies we desire to conceive.

    • Fertility Diet

    Before getting pregnant I changed my mindset and I changed my health habits. I created a guide to assist women in their journey to pregnancy as well. 

    The guide is all about the fertility diet that changed my life, includes my Fertility Nutrition ebook and it’s what helped me get pregnant (TWICE). I’m here to help you do the same sis.

    5 “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me, you can do nothing. (John 15:5)

    So when we think about the Lord and what he is to us think about this scripture. He is the vine and God is the gardener.

    fertility diet

    So when you have a vine at the end of that vine is a branch. We are the branches and we stem from Jesus. At the end of that branch is fruit and God is the one who prunes us. 

    He helps us continue to bear fruit or guides us in getting rid of rotten fruit. 

    We can’t bear fruit if we’re attached to dead things.

    For example, my husband and I moved into a new house about 2 years ago and every time I move into a new place my grandmother gifts me with a plant. Each time she has done this I have killed the plant. 

    Until now.

    The Fertility Diet that CHANGED my Life!
    How to Increase Chances of Implantation During the Two Week Wait
    Implantation Symptoms in the Two Week Wait

    Alive, Not Dead

    It’s still alive but it did have a dead branch recently and I could already see that the branches around it were dying off as well. So this just this one branch was killing the other branches.

    So I pruned it as God prunes us in our lives. He tries to take away the dead things in our lives and sometimes we continue to hold on to those dead things.

    Maybe continuing to hold on to the people who aren’t benefiting our lives.

    Or material things that we need to let go of in order for our lives to prosper. 

    Dead branches are not going to do anything for your life. 

    It’s not going to do anything for the plant that I have. It’s going to continue to spread.

    So in order to bear fruit, we have to abide in Jesus. Scripture says that if we abide in Him, He will abide in us. So how can you be more fruitful? 

    • Having a Prayer Life
    • Listening to sermons 
    • Reading the Bible Daily

    We have to cut off dead things. When you have a branch that’s dead it’s not going to bear any fruit. Think about an apple tree. At the end of the apple branch should be an apple, right? 

    If that tree is not foundationally rooted and there are dead branches, apples will not grow.

    When we continue to bear fruit in our lives, it multiplies. A tree is meant to give you multiple fruits and therefore there should be multiple people you should be feeding into.

    We should be praying for others and rooting ourselves in a spiritual foundation.

    Because a branch floating in midair is just a stick.

    implantation tips

    Frequently Asked Questions About Implantation

    • How can I keep my uterus warm during implantation?

    In order to keep your uterus warm for implantation, you want to incorporate some warm activities. These include snuggling with your husband, eating warm healthy foods, and making sure to break out those fuzzy socks even in the summer.

    • What foods help implantation?

     Foods that are whole and natural will help the most in your TTC Journey. For implantation, you want to make sure that you are eating warm foods but also incorporating foods that are anti-inflammatory. Eating a diet high in foods that cause inflammation will only harm your conception journey.

    • Does drinking water help with implantation?

     Yes, staying hydrated during your journey to conceive and the implantation process can help your body function better. When our body is dehydrated it uses the water that is available for more important organs that don’t include the reproductive system.

    Final Thoughts on Increasing Chances of Implantation

    Ultimately, increasing your chances of implantation does not start in the two-week wait. As I tell all of my clients, incorporating a healthy lifestyle and starting to balance hormones months in advance is how you begin to see results.

    So if this is your first cycle, and you haven’t yet heard of these tips, give them a try. But know that TTC is more about building a healthy lifestyle from the inside out for you and baby than just a two-week process

    Which tips do you plan on incorporating this cycle?

    Blessings and baby dust!

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