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If you’re trying to get pregnant, you know that tracking your fertility is a vital part of the process. There are now a number of excellent fertility tracking apps and products on the market, making it easier than ever to keep track of your cycle and ovulation. This blog post will discuss 11 of the best fertility tracking apps and products available today. We’ll also give you a few tips on how to choose the best app or product for you!

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fertility tracking apps

For some women, pregnancy comes at the snap of a finger. BUT for some of us, we have to put in some work! I want to make that work a little easier for you by providing fertility-boosting tips and the best fertility products that assisted me in my trying to conceive journey.

I pray that these products will bless you in the ways that they have blessed me (TWICE) and indeed hope that you will conceive soon sis!

My Fertility Journey

If you’ve been following our blog and Youtube journey you know a little bit about my journey.

For those who aren’t familiar I’ll give you a little snippet.

In 2016 I started birth control (3 months before my wedding because we were celibate until then) because, at that time, my husband and I wanted to “enjoy” each other before starting a family. We didn’t know the struggle that came with TTC.

In February 2017, we were hit with baby fever. OMGee, babies are just the cutest humans EVER.

So we stopped birth control and we’re expecting to be pregnant in March… 


Fast forward a year, we finally got pregnant, but miscarried. TWICE. One was a chemical and the other a blighted ovum.

Finally, we conceived our precious rainbow baby Ava July 2018 and in 2022 had my third child!

God has truly blessed us through this journey and has shown me some natural (and inexpensive) products to use to get pregnant so I wanted to share them with you!

11 Best Fertility Tracking App and Products

Fertility TrackING Apps

fertility tracking apps

This is a MUST HAVE. Especially if you aren’t quite familiar with your cycle (or think you are). 

I honestly thought I knew my cycle and knew my body before TTC… WRONG.

I learned so much through the various apps I used on my phone. Some of my favorites are:

1 Fertility Friend

2 Ovia

3 Glow

4 Clue

5 Flo

The best fertility tracking apps for me was definitely Fertility Friend because I use BBT and cervical mucus to track my fertility and get pregnant. Fertility apps will not only help you recognize your most fertile window to have sex (or baby dance in TTC terms) but it will also track the length of your cycle, give you tips throughout, and help you learn more about your body!

Fertility Products

6 Prenatal Vitamins

It’s important to initiate a prenatal vitamin when you are trying to conceive. Here’s the prenatal vitamin I use.

Folic acid is the most important vitamin for trying to conceive or early in pregnancy. Folic acid helps your future baby develop properly and protects it against serious birth defects.

Most prenatal vitamins include folic acid.

Prenatals are also important to make sure that you’re receiving the appropriate nutrients to fuel your body and have a healthy cycle. Vitamin deficiencies can sometimes hinder your body’s hormonal process and therefore hinder your ability to conceive.

Also when you’re currently on a prenatal vitamin it’s much easier to continue (and not forget) the vitamin during pregnancy and already have those nutrients available for your baby.

A definite must-have fertility product!

7 Ovulation Tests

Must Have Fertility Product

I honestly have no idea what I would have done without OPKs (ovulation predictor kits). This is a definite must-have if you have irregular cycles. 

Ovulation tests are designed to detect the luteinizing hormone which increases during ovulation. This is known as the LH surge. 

Along with your cervical mucus, ovulation test can show you signs leading up to ovulation day. With this current pregnancy I actually use ovulation test to determine the length of my LH surge which happened to be around 12 hours.

This can be helpful because after the surge is when the egg is released so knowing what my LH surge ended was important in timing for conception

Ovulation tests are also a must have fertility product you need before TTC because if you’re a newbie to this community you might not even know what ovulation means.

Or what it means for you.

I suggest if you’re a newbie at this to start opk’s one day after the last day of your menstrual period. Take the test once daily in the afternoon or late morning until you receive your surge in a negative test after that.

This will help you determine your ovulation day as well as your most fertile window of days for conception. 

Sound expensive? No worries you can get ovulation tests cheap here.

8 A Huge Pineapple Farm!

fertility products and tracker apps

I’m probably exaggerating a little bit (a lotta bit) but I love pineapple especially for TTC!

Pineapples are sooo beneficial for your luteal phase also known as your two week wait (time after ovulation pending a hopeful pregnancy).

The core of a pineapple is full of a vital nutrient called bromelain which is very helpful in assisting your corpus luteum (in your uterus) for implantation during the two week wait.

It helps reduce inflammation in the body to provide an optimal environment for baby to thrive!

I like to cut of the core of the pineapple into 6 chunks and eat them the first 6 days after ovulation!

Either in a smoothie or by itself!

9 Pregnancy Tests

Trying to conceive pregnancy test

And not those tests that cost $15 a pop.

Sis, if you’re anything like me, you make POAS (pee on a stick) an occupation.

Taxing, sometimes. But I can’t really explain, there’s nothing like a progression test video to keep you hopeful!

Pregnancy test as a fertility product it’s kind of a DUH.

I want to put it on the list so you’re not wasting hundreds of dollars a month trying to buy pregnancy test

 you can actually get (just like the ovulation tests) inexpensive test here like I did.

Or they have such things called Baby Dust Boxes! How amazing!

10 Faith + Support

Fertile Faith Sisterhood

All of the previous tips dealt with the physical aspect of TTC. 

Well, incorporating your spiritual faith as well as preparing mentally for the journey ahead has helped me as well. I use a devotional bible to study the Word of God. 

Making sure you are spiritually and mentally ready for this journey of TTC will not only help you get through the journey… 

BUT will also help in building your faith! My faith has increased tremendously during my TTC journey and now through motherhood!

I’ve also built a community full of fun-loving Christian women who are looking to increase their faith and find peace in their journey to conceive!

If you’re interested, learn more here.

person using MacBook Pro

11 Fertility Course

If you’re looking for more of an in-depth approach to getting pregnant, I highly recommend taking a fertility course!

It’s important that you understand your body and your cycle if you plan on TTC.

I offer a FREE fertility mini course that covers the basics of your menstrual cycle, how to track it, and tips on getting pregnant naturally.

You can sign up for the FREE mini course here.

I also offer a more in-depth fertility course that covers everything from the basics of your cycle to advanced fertility charting, using nutrition to support your fertility, and more.

You can learn more about that course here.

More on Fertility Tracking

Fertility tracking is the process of monitoring a woman’s reproductive health in order to determine her fertile window. This can be done using a variety of methods, including keeping track of changes in body temperature, cervical mucus, and hormone levels.

Fertility tracking can help women to better understand their bodies and identify patterns that may be indicative of fertility problems. In addition, tracking fertility can help couples who are trying to conceive to pinpoint the best time to have intercourse.

By understanding the menstrual cycle and knowing when ovulation occurs, couples can greatly increase their chances of becoming pregnant.

Best App to Track Fertility

If you’re trying to get pregnant, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances. One of them is tracking your fertility. There are a lot of different ways to track your fertility, but using an app is one of the best and easiest ways.

There are a ton of different apps out there that claim to be the best fertility tracking app. But, which one is actually the best? It can be hard to know. Below are two different apps based on your preference of ovulation or BBT that I believe to be the best out there.

Ovulation Tracker Apps

Best App for Ovulation Tracking

Premom is a great app for ovulation tracking. It’s the first app to offer home ovulation test readers to help you determine the best time to conceive.

Best BBT Apps

Fertility friend is a great option if you are using BBT to track your fertility. It has charts you can compare with others on the app to determine specific trends in your cycle.

Conception Calendar

A conception calendar can help you determine the right time to conceive based on when you’d like to have your baby. Personally, I’ve conceived twice in the late fall months so that I don’t have to be pregnant during the summer. If you want to get pregnant in the next year, start paying attention to your cycles now and begin charting them. You can use a free online conception calendar like this one.

Best Pregnant App for Free

If you’re looking for a free pregnancy app, I recommend taking a look at BabyCenter’s My Pregnancy & Baby Today. It’s packed with information on everything from what to expect during pregnancy to baby development and more. Plus, it has a handy due date calculator and daily journal so you can document your pregnancy journey.


There you have it! The best fertility tracking apps and products to help you get pregnant in 2022!

I hope these tips and resources help you on your journey to conceive. 

Did I miss anything? COMMENT BELOW some must-haves you have in your TTC stash!

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