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An online course and community that empowers women of God who are trying to get pregnant naturally to trust God with her fertility, balance her hormones and build up her prayer life so she no longer has to deal with overwhelm in her TTC journey.

Hi, I'm Avi!

I help empower women of God who are trying to get pregnant naturally to overcome negative thoughts and balance her hormones so she no longer has to be overwhelmed and consumed by her TTC journey.

After multiple miscarriages and growing closer to God through my fertility journey I decided to start this blog, become certified in fertility coaching and build a business to help women on their journey to becoming healthy mamas from the inside out!



“Joining Mother’s Mindset has changed my lifestyle as whole. Once I joined the weekly bibles studies, I also started working out using the Beachbody app. I truly felt better about myself and felt active and healthy. Two months in, I conceived my second child. Avi’s guidance to a healthy lifestyle truly works. So grateful to have joined the healthy journey with her and her programs”


“I have been meaning to contact you to thank you. After purchasing The Complete Implantation Guide I am overjoyed to announce I am 14 weeks pregnant. The day I received my download I started implementing everything in your guide in my life. After eight years of my husband and I trying, I really think this is what did it for us. I have changed my diet over the years so I think would really did it was being stronger in my prayer over my journey.”


“I’m Pregnant also!! Which is why I asked that question last night 🤣🤣 praying for a healthy and blessed pregnancy in Jesus Name!!” 


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