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Want to learn what praying for a healthy pregnancy looks like? In this post, I want to share with you some tips on how to pray so that you can lean into your quiet time with God and pray for what your heart desires.

praying for healthy pregnancy

Pregnancy can be an exciting time for couples hoping to start their families. Hormonal changes can cause mood swings, nausea, and a variety of other physical symptoms that can put a strain on any relationship.  

Even after the baby is born, there’s no guarantee that things will be smooth sailing – raising a child is not an easy task, especially for new parents who have never been in this situation before.  

It can be physically exhausting, emotionally draining… and maybe most challenging of all is the financial burden that comes with having a child.

The first few years are especially difficult for many parents, as they try to put food on the table while also providing their child with everything he or she needs.

As hard as it may seem right now, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  There is hope in the midst of all this chaos and confusion and stress and anxiety that comes with pregnancy and parenting.

That hope comes from above; it’s divine intervention taking care of you when you need it most.  

Prayer has been scientifically proven to work.  Studies have shown that people who pray are often much healthier than those who don’t, and the benefits of prayer seem to be cumulative rather than diminishing.  

So whether you’ve been trying to get pregnant for months or even years, there’s no reason not to ask God for help.

This post is all about praying for healthy pregnancy.

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Praying for a Healthy Pregnancy

The best way to pray for a healthy pregnancy is to first start praying.

One of the most simple and powerful forms of prayer is that for pregnancy. As hard as it may be to see your family grow without you, remember that God knows what’s best for you.

You may be struggling to have a baby or even just to maintain your marriage, but rest assured that God is with you every step of the way.  

He wants what’s best for you and will help you through these difficult times no matter how big or small the challenge might seem.  


The best fertility prayer comes from your heart. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says that we should pray without ceasing. We should be pursuing God consistently for the prayers we have in our hearts.

Common prayer requests while trying for a baby:

  • praying for a healthy pregnancy
  • revelealing how to have balanced hormones
  • praying for successful implantation

Pregnancy is by far one of the most common prayer requests people make.  Many couples seek divine intervention as they struggle to conceive.

There’s a reason why the advice to ‘just relax’ has been going around since the dawn of time.  It’s simple, easy to say but difficult to actually do, especially when you’re stressed out and working yourself into a frenzy.

However, it can make all the difference in the world when it comes to conceiving or carrying a baby to term. Stress can actually impact your chances of getting pregnant, and it can also affect the development of your child while he or she is in the womb.  

So use prayer to combat those stressors sis.


What’s the point of praying for something that you have not yet prepared for?

Getting pregnant is more than just lovemaking at the right time of the month. Instead, there are several things you can do ahead of time in order to boost your chances.  

First and foremost, it’s important that both partners are healthy. Do what you can to stay fit and healthy, eat right, exercise regularly. 

If your job requires you to be in contact with certain chemicals or radiation, wear protective clothing at all times.  

Second, it’s important that both partners are ready for this step in their lives. Expecting a baby and having a baby are two very different things.  

It’s important to think carefully about whether you’re ready for this step and what it might mean for your life.  


Put yourself in a position where whether the answer is yes, no or not right now, you’re prepared in your heart to receive it.

This is debatably the hardest part about praying for a healthy pregnancy. Position yourself for God’s answer. It also forces us to realize ultimately who is in control.

We can only control the controllable and leave the rest to God. Be encouraged though sis, His word lets us know that He will give us the desire’s of our hearts as long as we DELIGHT in Him.

As long as our joy is always coming from the Lord, He will continue to honor our request in His timing.

It is important to understand the power of prayer and how it can affect your pregnancy. The Bible says in Psalm 127: “Blessed is everyone who fears the Lord, who walks in His ways.” (NIV)

You may want to pray for a healthy baby or that you won’t miscarry again after two miscarriages as I did. Or maybe you’re struggling with infertility and would like God’s help with getting pregnant. Whatever your heart desires, position yourself today by praying these prayers about what you need from Him!

What type of prayer requests do you have for the Lord? Let me know in the comments below. I’m eager to pray with and for you!

This post was all about praying for a healthy pregnancy.

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