There’s plenty of false information circulating the internet regarding how viruses affect our population. We often hear about the elderly or those who have specific immunocompromised conditions but rarely is fertility or pregnancy and viruses mentioned. I wanted to make sure, YOU, as my dedicated readers are informed and have access to correct information, as it pertains to pregnancy and viruses.

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Pregnancy and Viruses

Fortunately, as a work from home mom and born to be introvert, I’ve had the pleasure of being at home during this current 2020 pandemic.

But, when I do go out, whether it is to church (in which we go to 3 times a week), or to everyone’s fav: Tarjay. I always seem to “catch” something.

Let me backup here. I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant as I am writing this post. 24 weeks pregnant with baby #2 who has been a WHOLE different type of ballgame. 

I RARELY got pregnant with my first born, but then again, I wasn’t pregnant then during a global pandemic…

Anywho, I’m currently pregnant and my immune system, although pretty awesome beforehand (thanks to my years of working in the healthcare industry) is now complete POOP.

I mean, I went to bible study a month ago completely healthy and the next day was DOWN for the count.

I’m pretty sure you can see where I’m getting at. During fertility and also during pregnancy it’s important that we stay as healthy as possible! Let’s be real, there’s a baby (or potential baby) growing in there! We have to make sure it’s getting the appropriate nutrients and lots of prayer, right?


While we’re on the subject of prayer. I encourage you during this time to not let fear consume you. I know it’s hard enough during TTC and during pregnancy to think about the “what ifs”

But scripture reminds us that God did not give us the spirit of fear. But of POWER, LOVE, and a SOUND MIND (2 Timothy 1:7).

When fear starts to sink in, here’s an exercise you can do that’s helped me IMMENSELY.

  1. Write down the fear.
  2. Describe how you have POWER over that fear.
  3. How can I LOVE in order to combat fear?
  4. Write affirmations to confirm the SOUND MIND God has given you in reference to that fear.

Fear: I’m afraid if I become sick it will harm my unborn child.
Power: I have the power to eat healthy foods and pray scripture over my womb.
Love: I can show love by talking with my husband about my concerns and not keeping them to myself.
Sound Mind: I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I will not be consumed by fear.

Don’t let fear paralyze you sis, instead, speak the word of God over it and watch God do the rest.

Oh Baby Boxes

Now that we’ve been spiritually fed, I compiled some credible resources for you to consider watching and reading concerning our physical health. It includes a YouTube video made by an OBGYN concerning pregnancy and viruses as well as the CDC and WHO websites. 

We should always make sure if we’re going to listen to any of the media, that it comes from a credible resource. And of course the most credible resource who knows the plan He has for ALL of us is God!

Who Should We Listen To?

As a nurse I have referenced the following two organizations many times in my studies. I often review their articles as well to stay up-to-date on current events, medical discoveries and more. During a time where anything and everything is placed on social media, it’s vital to remain vigilant in who you consider as a credible resource.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CDC- Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Coronavirus
World Health Organization

As a believer, I reference this book everyday. Yep, you guessed it. The BIBLE. Here are some scriptures to keep in mind as we go through this troubling season.

Also, here’s the YouTube video I mentioned earlier. Although she admits to not knowing EVERYTHING to know about pregnancy and viruses (because of the quickly evolving viruses out there), she does make some great points and tips to consider.

I hope this was helpful, comment below if you are in any way being affected by sickness or the current coronavirus (out of work, lack of daycare, currently sick or self-quarantined). I’d love to pray for you!

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