Have you ever wondered what other people’s cycles look like when they’ve gotten their BFP? Wanted to see their pregnancy symptoms after ovulation day by day? 

Or you’re searching through YouTube and Google to find that someone had their BFP and they just talk through their symptoms but you want to see their chart too?

In this post, I want to share with you my pregnancy symptoms after ovulation and my pregnancy chart from Fertility Friend. I want to walk through my cycle and symptoms from my positive pregnancy test month of baby #3 to show you what a positive month looked like for me.

My name is Octavia Steen and I am a faith-based fertility health coach. I help women of God who are trying to get pregnant naturally to overcome negative thoughts, balance their hormones with health and fitness, and conquer the TTC world without feeling overwhelmed.

Today, I want to share with you the back end of the fertility friend app of my BFP cycle. If you want the entire visual click here for the behind-the-scenes on my YouTube channel.

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Before Ovulation BFP Month

While trying to conceive, health and fitness have always played a huge part in my getting pregnant. It’s due to health and fitness with the combination of balancing my hormones and God that I’m able to get pregnant in the first month of TTC.

I have a free 5-day fitness challenge if you desire to get a jumpstart on your health as well during your journey.

Okay, now into my BFP month details.

I started taking basal body temperatures to help detect my ovulation shift at the beginning of my cycle. So BBTs started on CD1 (cycle day one).  My temperatures fluctuated but started around 97.2.

Not sure why, but my second decimal is missing on my charting for some reason in the fertility friend app but we’ll just go with it.

Each morning I woke up between 4:45 am to 5:00 am to take my temperature each day which is probably the reasoning behind some of the fluctuations.

I had a typical menstrual cycle that lasted five days and started on the first of the month which makes it so much easier to tell my midwife when the date of my last period was.

I had a moderate to heavy period with cycle day five having mostly spotting. 

Cycle day six is when we started baby dancing. Yep, we started early but here’s my logic that I haven’t told anyone yet. I’ve been reading and listening to various fertility books this year on audible and one of the books said that to conceive a boy you should baby dance well before ovulation. 

So that’s what we did. Is it something you can 100% follow… probably not, lol? But it’s worth a prayer and a try.

Cycle day eight was another baby dance day as well as cycle days 11 and 13.

Surprisingly, we did not baby dance on the day before ovulation OR the day off. I had a positive OPK on CD14 (with watery cervical mucus) and ovulated between CD14 and 16. I say between because I still had creamy cervical mucus on CD 15 and peak on CD 16.

Baby dance for the final time (well not final but you know what I mean for fertile window purposes) on CD 16.

Alright, let’s move on to after ovulation!

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Pregnancy Symptoms After Ovulation Day by Day

  • 1 DPO  (cycle day 16)

Baby danced with creamy cervical mucus (so likely this could still be in the ovulation window)

  • 2 DPO

No symptoms at all

  • 3 DPO

No symptoms again

  • 4 DPO

Fatigue on this day, so just feeling tired but for a mom of two toddlers, that’s not unusual.

  • 5 DPO

Creamy cervical mucus, which for me, is an indicator that something is up. In a normal cycle, once you ovulate your mucus dries up because your cervix closes. So usually I am dry again until my next fertile window.

Also, if you have cervical mucus throughout your entire cycle that can be an indicator of something like an infection or something else going on down there. But for me, pregnancy was highly likely at this point because it’s a symptom of pregnancy I’ve experienced before in the TWW.

  • 6 DPO

Another day of creamy cervical mucus along with cramps. The cramps felt like a tiny pulling sensation which I contribute to implantation. I took a test knowing that it would be negative but I did it for research purposes haha.

  • 7 DPO

More creamy lotion-like cervical mucus, a full aching cramp in my lower stomach area, and increased smells. I was also nauseous and gassy. At this point, I was very optimistic about this cycle.

  • 8 DPO

Temperatures steady rising on BBTs, swollen breasts which are not usual for me unless pregnant.

  • 9 DPO

I received my BFP. I did tests on 7 and 8 DPO and both were negative. 9 DPO is when I saw a faint line on a cheap amazon pregnancy test. You can see prices on those here.

  • 10 DPO

I stopped charting because I got the positive test and didn’t want to continue to symptom spot anymore. I wanted to praise God for what He did in my life and enjoy the pregnancy moving forward. 

Here’s what my entire BFP chart looks like.

Slow Rise BBT BFP

As you can probably tell, I didn’t have an evident spike for ovulation. I had a slow rise in my temperature which is another reason I couldn’t pinpoint an exact date for ovulation. 

Unfortunately, because this was my first cycle TTC and therefore the first cycle charting postpartum I’m not sure if a slow rise after my second baby was a normal occurrence for me. 

But you know from my chart that slow rise BBTs doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t be able to get pregnant obviously. It just means your progesterone is taking longer to increase after ovulation. I will also note that I did not do pineapple core (which can help with that increase of progesterone). 

I did however do it for my other BFP cycles.


Although I didn’t eat pineapple core this BFP cycle I did however follow the Fertile F.A.I.T.H method that I teach in my Fertile Faith membership course. Learn more here.

But those are my two-week wait symptoms for my BFP month for baby #3!

I’d love to learn if you had similar symptoms or what you’re current symptoms are by letting me know in the comments below.

Blessings and baby dust!

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