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When To Drink Red Raspberry Leaf Tea For Fertility And Have A Better Cycle

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Want to know the red raspberry leaf tea benefits for fertility? In this post we’re going to be discussing the benefits for both fertility as well as further along in your future pregnancy for labor.

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Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Benefits Fertility

I used red raspberry tea in my first two pregnancies (currently pregnant with baby #3) and while trying to conceive my third child. There are a lot of benefits to this tea for labor as well as fertility.

In this post, you’ll learn what those benefits are and how they can specifically help you in your current TTC journey. The red raspberry plant is a part of many different fertility teas and is a powerful herb that helps to tone the uterus, regulate hormones and increase fertility.

Studies have found that it also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body which helps reduce inflammation in the reproductive system. It’s also said to improve blood flow throughout your body – including to your uterus and ovaries – helping them function at their best.

After reading this post you’ll be able to know how this herbal tea benefits fertility when to drink it, and how to prepare it as well.

This post is all about red raspberry leaf tea benefits for fertility.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Benefits for Fertility

  • Uterus Toning

One of the main reasons I decided on red raspberry leaf tea as my fertility tea of choice is its ability to tone the uterus.

This can be helpful for contractions, yes, but also during fertility to improve the uterine lining and strengthen the uterus for conception and implantation.

  • Healthy Periods

Due to the above benefit, this fertility tea can also help your menses. This benefit is for the ladies who struggle with unbearable cramping and heavy days. Toning the uterus and decreasing inflammation can assist with and improve symptoms.

  • Decrease Inflammation

Inflammation is the main cause of multiple diseases and conditions, specifically endometriosis and PCOS, in the fertility world. Incorporating this tea with the addition of anti-inflammatory foods can help heal your body for conception.

  • Full of Vitamins and Nutrients

As a herbal tea, it’s no surprise that red raspberry leaf is full of vitamins and nutrients including vitamins C, A, and E as well as calcium and potassium.

While these specific nutrients don’t directly help fertility they can help your body become healthier for a successful pregnancy.

  • Improves Digestion

Red raspberry tea has natural laxative properties and can help with digestion. Optimal digestion is important for fertility due to the correlation between our hormones and the digestive system.

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When should I drink red raspberry leaf tea for fertility?

You can start drinking red raspberry leaf tea on the first day of your cycle leading up to ovulation. Because of its ability to tone and contract the uterus, you do not want to continue using the tea during the two week wait as a precaution.

Herbal teas can be amazing for pregnant women but closer to birth in the third trimester.

Does red raspberry leaf tea help with hormones?

Red raspberry leaf tea has unique health benefits that all help with improved hormonal health including improved digestion, decreased inflammation, and the number of nutrients available in the tea. It’s a great herbal remedy and uterine tonic for helping to balance hormones naturally.

red raspberry leaf tea

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea and Pregnancy

When pregnant with my first daughter I drank red raspberry leaf tea three times a week in week 34 of my pregnancy and saw the health benefits. In my second pregnancy, I drank 1-2 cups starting at around 35 weeks pregnant.

With my first baby, I went into labor at 38 weeks pregnant and the labor was precipitous labor (less than 3 hours) so that’s why I decided to wait to start it with my 2nd pregnancy. My second baby came at 38 weeks as well and I labored with mild contractions for 14 minutes.

Check out my labor and delivery vlogs for both babies on YouTube:

Labor and Delivery #1

Labor and Delivery #2

Fertility Tea Recipe

  • Honey (I love this brand)

Prepare 8 oz of hot water. Steep red raspberry leaf tea bag in hot water for 7 minutes. Add wild berry zinger and steep another 3 minutes. Remove both tea bags, add honey or other sweetener of choice. Drink and enjoy.

Drink 1 -2 teas per day.

This post was all about red red raspberry leaf tea and it’s benefits for fertility.

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