Last Friday was Ava’s birthday. My baby girl turned one! I can’t believe it’s been a year! On her birthday to keep a long story short my phone died (and never came back to life).

I tried on two different Mac computers to revive it through iTunes with no luck. So it’s been a week without a phone for me. The Lord took social distancing to a whole nother level!

Social distancing is becoming a new way of life during these very troubling times.It’s very weird right now to say the least. And really hard for some people quite frankly. 

In our household we’re leaning HEAVILY on faith. With my husband off work we HAVE TO lean on God (even more). Really, we all need the Lord to get us through this time and so when my phone died I was hurt at first.

And of course hormonal because I am currently 25 weeks pregnant. I was just hormonal, crying, frustrated and just upset because I couldn’t get my phone to work and now a week later I have a whole new outlook on life.

SOCIAL Distancing 

Not only life but life without social media. Life without having your phone stuck to your hand. It allowed me to be more present. 

More present in my household, in my marriage and as a mother.

During this time social distancing has allowed me to really just look at things differently. So I went back to a scripture today about stretching because a lot of us are out here stretching because of this virus! 

Maybe our kids are at home or our husbands aren’t working or we’re not working. We’re stretching we’re having to stretch finances or food to make ends meet. In the church pastors are trying to figure out ways to be virtual and have an online ministry. 

So we’re stretching. But a lot of us are stretching towards the wrong thing. 

Luke 6:10 says:

First he looked around at them all and then said to the man stretch out your hand. So the man stretched out his hand and his hand was completely restored

The man had a crippled hand so he stretched out his hand to Jesus and was instantly healed and made his whole.

Stretched Out

Like I said we’re stretching but we’re stretching towards the wrong things. Finances in shambles? Have you stretched towards the Lord in prayer to ask him to provide for you?

When I think of stretching I think of growth. Sometimes our growth as Christians comes from stretching. Our growth comes from hearing the call of God (whatever he has called you to do in this time) and being obedient!

Luke 11: 28 says: 

Blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it. 

Meaning you’re blessed if you’re reading the word of God you hear the word of God and actually following it. I had the realization with my phone that the Lord was stretching me but he was stretching me towards Him. Stretching towards Jesus in this time where I don’t have access to the world. 

But I didn’t need access to the world. I needed to keep my access open to Him…

Just like muscles need to be stretched in order to grow and before you exercise you stretch beforehand and afterwards for flexibility for strength. That’s how we have to be as Christians. We have to be able to stretch, be flexible for God and his plans for us, and strengthen our relationship with God so that we can grow. 

Yeah you might be stretching your finances or in your personal life. You might be stretching right now but the Lord is trying to stretch you for good.

Pregnant women don’t start off with big bellies, right? They are stretched over time and as the baby grows, that’s how we develop in the womb of God. Taking in nutrients from the Lord through the word of God in order to grow in our faith.

Increasing Faith

Practical Tips to Increase Faith During Hard Times:

  • Limit Local/World News and Social Media
  • Put your phone in a different room during devotional time
  • Create a space specifically designed for time with the Lord (war room, prayer closet, etc.)
  • Open your actual bible, highlight, take notes
  • Pray for those affected
  • Include yourself in your prayers (for me this can be hard)
  • If you struggle with prayer, set a timer (5 mins to start), if you go past the timer great! Increase your time as you get comfortable.
  • Listen to worship music when feeling overwhelmed
  • Remember to stop and listen for God’s voice during/after devotional time

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