35 Amazing Quotes on Fertility To Read Right Now

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Getting pregnant isn’t as easy as they made it seem in grade school. So, I want to share some amazing quotes on fertility you can read right now to encourage and inspire you along this really difficult road to your baby.

I had my first health education class in fifth grade, where they explained what your menstrual period was and showed pictures of what it would look like if you were to have sex and get an STD.

Fun, right?

They preached abstinence because of the impending threat that you’d get pregnant.

But then I got married, and I waited with my husband until our wedding night. We decided 6 months later that we were ready for kids, and nothing.

The immediate pregnancy that followed sec was a lie they fed to me in fifth grade.

Unfortunately, this is the case for a huge portion of women who desire to get pregnant.

I want to share with you some encouraging quotes for your fertility journey. I’ll also some humor and some motivation to help you along your own fertility journey.

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What are Inspirational Fertility Quotes?

You know, sometimes, on this rollercoaster called the fertility journey, we all need a little extra boost of inspiration and motivation. That’s where inspirational fertility quotes come into play.

I want to dive into the world of these encouraging snippets of wisdom that have helped countless individuals on their paths to parenthood.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been on this rollercoaster for a while, you’re not alone, and these quotes are here to remind you of that. So, let’s explore together how these words of wisdom from some truly worthy individuals can light up your journey.

Ready to get inspired?

Reasons to Read Inspirational Quotes

Why should you make it a daily habit to dive into the world of inspirational quotes, especially as you navigate the twists and turns of your fertility journey?

Well, my fellow strong women, let me break it down for you. Here are a few reasons why you should embrace these nuggets of wisdom as your favorites:

  • Empowerment: Inspirational quotes have the ability to make even the strongest people cry (tears of empowerment, of course). They remind you of your inner strength and resilience.
  • Motivation: Some days, we need an extra push to keep going. Inspirational quotes provide that kick in the pants to chase your dreams relentlessly.
  • Connection: Reading the words of those who’ve walked similar paths can make you feel less alone in your struggles. You’ll find comfort in knowing that others have triumphed.

Now, imagine having a curated collection of your favorite quotes at your fingertips, ready to boost your spirits whenever you need it.

That’s where the quotes below come in, offering you a simple yet effective solution to keep you motivated, empowered, and connected throughout your journey.

So, let’s dive into this world of inspiration together!

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Trying to Conceive Quotes

  1. “Making the decision to have a child – it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ” – Elizabeth Stone
  2. “Tracking is the way to get back on track” – Darren Hardy
  3. “When the world says “give up”, hope whispers “try one more time” -Anonymous
  4. “One day you’ll be staring at the blessing you used to always dream about” -Anonmyous
  5. “Already in my heart, someday in my arms” – Anonmyous
  6. “Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it”
  7. The best view comes after the hardest climb”
  8. “Even miracles take a little bit of time” – Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother
  9. “The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on so long”
  10. You were given this mountain to show others it can be moved!

Infertility Quotes from the Bible

  1. Be fruitful and multiply – Genesis 1:28
  2. There will be no miscarriages or infertility in your land, and I will give you long, full lives. – Exodus 23:26
  3. You will be blessed above all the nations of the earth. None of your men or women will be childless, and all your livestock will bear young. – Deuteronomy 7:14
  4. He gives the childless woman a family, making her a happy mother. Praise the Lord! -Psalms 113:9
  5. What’s more, your relative Elizabeth has become pregnant in her old age! People used to say she was barren, but she has conceived a son and is now in her sixth month. -Luke 1:36
  6. Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him. -Psalm 127:3
  7. Isaac pleaded with the Lord on behalf of his wife, because she was unable to have children. The Lord answered Isaac’s prayer, and Rebekah became pregnant with twins. -Genesis 25:21
  8. I will make you extremely fruitful. Your descendants will become many nations, and kings will be among them! -Genesis 17:6
  9. Is anything too hard for the Lord? I will return about this time next year, and Sarah will have a son.” -Genesis 18:14
  10. Then God remembered Rachel’s plight and answered her prayers by enabling her to have children. -Genesis 30:22

Struggling with Infertility Quotes

  1. “During each cycle, a woman’s body prepares for a potential pregnancy….” – Toni Weschler
  2. “…the times between hearing that news and actually giving birth to Jesus came with major challenges” -Heather Lindsey
  3. “God uses these seasons to stretch us — to build character and strength that will take us where he needs us most” -Heather Lindsey
  4. “If you saw the size of the blessing coming, you would understand the magnitude of the battle you are fighting.
  5. “The struggle is part of the story”
  6. “The strongest women become the strongest mothers before their children are even conceived.”
  7. “Worth the wait”
  8. “Be gentle with yourself. You’re doing the best that you can”
  9. “It always seems impossible until it’s done”
  10. “But for an absence, for someone who was never there at all, we are wordless to capture that particular emptiness. For those who deeply want children and are denied them, those missing babies hover like silent ephemeral shadows over their lives. Who can describe the feel of a tiny hand that is never held?”’ – Laura Bush
  11. “Fertility is not something you conquer. Rather maddeningly, there’s no straight line between effort and reward.” -Michelle Obama, Becoming.

IVF Baby Quotes

  1. “No great love ever came without struggle”
  2. “Made with lots of love and a little science”
  3. “Worth every shot”
  4. “Frozen before Elsa made it cool”

Wrapping Up

In the world of fertility, every step, every moment, and every emotion matters.

As we wrap up this journey through 35 amazing quotes on fertility, I hope you’ve found inspiration, comfort, and a sense of community. Remember, you’re never alone on this path, and these words of wisdom from remarkable individuals serve as a reminder of your strength, resilience, and unwavering spirit.

Keep these quotes close, revisit them whenever you need a boost, and share them with others who might benefit from their wisdom.

Your journey is unique, but the support and inspiration you find along the way can be truly transformative. So, take a moment to breathe, believe in yourself, and keep moving forward.

Your story is still being written, and it’s a beautiful one.

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