There’s a misconception that there’s only one type of doula service, Birth Doulas, when in reality there are so many. One of those many are Fertility Doulas.

In short, a Fertility Doula supports a couple through their fertility journey by providing emotional and informational support. A Fertility Doula is specifically certified to also provide information on natural measures to help cleanse, prepare and support the body in preparation for conception.

Preconception Doula

A Fertility Doula, also known as a Preconception Doula,  is often included in a Full Spectrum Doula certification but has been increasingly rising as an individual certification in recent years.

Full spectrum doulas provide services from preconception, through birth, and during postpartum.

Fertility doulas, on the other hand, provide support prior to pregnancy for women who are beginning their fertility journeys or dealing with infertility.

Fertility doula provides emotional support

What does a fertility doula do?

A Fertility Doula is professionally trained to support couples during preconception to help them prepare emotionally and physically for pregnancy. Emotional preparation may include ways to combat stress of infertility and cope with waiting. Physically, some doulas review fertility charts to better assist and optimize clients success in getting pregnant. 

Please note, if a fertility doula guarantees pregnancy, steer clear. Fertility doulas cannot guarantee an outcome of conception. 

Spiritual preparation is included in the Fertility Doula services I offer here at Mother Mindset. I believe that faith and conception are directly correlated. I help my clients increase their faith while on their journey to conceive as a way to effectively cope with the process of conception.

Fertility Doulas are trained to identify different factors related to fertility to help optimize chances for conception. They often provide individual support to a woman who is trying to conceive but also may have various virtual courses, like Fertile Faith in 5, to assist in helping a group of women on their fertility journeys. 

When should you contact a fertility doula?

For couples in the beginning stages of trying to conceive, a fertility doula can be helpful in providing information on tracking your cycle and optimizing your fertile window.

The beginning of a TTC journey can be quite overwhelming and sometimes all-consuming. A fertility doula can help clients navigate first steps in the conception process to better create strategies in their own journey to cope and pursue conception.

For couples who have been trying to get pregnant for 6-12 months or more, a fertility doula can help navigate next steps, as well as offer emotional support to assist in optimizing a sound mind and body for the journey.

For those experiencing infertility, fertility doulas can help identify and provide informational resources for options outside of natural conception.

What is a Fertility Doula

Fertility Doula Support

As a Fertility Doula who incorporates a faith-based approach I help clients in multiple areas of their journey including nutrition, stress factors, ovulation, spousal support, trauma, and prayer. It’s important to find a doula who supports you in multiple ways as well as in your own individual beliefs. 

Your doula is there to provide you support and advocate for your wants and needs. They can be a resource of support before or during fertility appointments to help you understand various procedures and terminology. 

A community of supporters is so powerful for women who are trying to get pregnant. A fertility doula can be an essential part of that community.

Fertility Doula Pricing – How much?

It depends, some doulas charge by the hour while others charge a flat fee or packaged service price. Fertility Doula services range depending on the individual doula from as low as $50 for an hour consultation to $2000 for a package of various services over multiple weeks.

One hour consultations are ideal for specific questions or quick cycle reviews to see where a woman can make key changes in their conception plan for the following month.

Packaged services are for the woman who may require a more in-depth look at her TTC journey emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Fertility Doula Packages

The main package I offer as a Fertility Doula includes:

  • Face to face (virtual) consultations to discuss nutrition, stress factors, ovulation, spousal support, and trauma
  • Unlimited text/email support
  • Cycle Reviews
  • Fertility prayer during each session

The sessions are one hour in length and will be a detailed discussion of how to optimize your current journey. There is always room for questions as well.

Other packages I offer include an one hour session to discuss any questions you have about your fertility journey, faith-based fertility courses, and a fertility and fitness based accountability group that focuses on healing through physical health for conception.

Would Fertility Doula services benefit you? You can schedule your free discovery call here.

I also just released my latest fertility based devotional: The Complete Implantation Guide: A 28 Day Devotional. It’s a fertility guide that teaches you how to boost your chances of implantation and increase your faith in 4 weeks. Grab your copy here.

fertility devotional

Is getting a doula worth it?

To be honest, I wish I had made the investment in a Fertility Doula when I started my TTC journey. 6 months after marrying my husband we were hit with baby fever. We had discussed kids and the desire to wait 2 years before actively trying but after marriage comes a baby carriage, right?

At the time I was on the pill (birth control) and went cold turkey. One month went by and nothing. My thoughts: the birth control just needed to leave my body first (true, but also so many other factors were at play). 

6 months went by and nothing so I started to do a little research. I was already tracking my cycle but only to the extent of knowing when my period would come. 

I started to dive deeper into knowing the general day that I ovulated as well as researching all of the proper TTC terms. Another 6 months went by and I started to document my journey on YouTube. During the beginning of that new journey I prayed to God. I expressed to him my desire to have children and for a “sign” from him that it was His will for me to do so. 

That next month I conceived for the first time in my life which unfortunately ended in back to back miscarriages. 

During my second miscarriage (which lasted 40+ days) I gave my journey to God and worked on natural measures to help prepare emotionally, physically and spiritually for conception. 

A month after my second miscarriage ended I conceived my rainbow baby. Now I have 2 beautiful daughters that allowed me to journey closer to God in the process of bringing them life.

So is getting a doula worth it? I’d say yes, especially if it’s a doula who has similar beliefs as you do. A doula who has been through some of the same experiences as you can be a great support system, especially during such a trying time as trying to conceive.

In conclusion, although there are many different types of doulas, fertility doulas is where it begins. Whether you are just beginning your journey or months into TTC, Fertility Doulas are here to help. Fertility doulas can help support you and your spouse in your journey to get pregnant and hold a precious baby in your arms.

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