Certified Natural Fertility Doula

Helping discouraged women who are trying to get pregnant naturally, increase their faith in God by tapping into the power of prayer and balancing their hormones through health + fitness.

1. Individual Coaching Session

One hour 1:1 coaching session with a faith-based approach to battle discouragement, discuss possible fertility barriers and/or personal trauma, and provide 1:1 support for your natural fertility journey.

Price starting at $47



2. Fit for Baby (Pray, Sweat, Slay Program) Package

Fit for Baby is a comprehensive health + fitness package that includes 1 year of on-demand digital workouts, 2 nutrition programs designed to fit your individual needs, monthly faith challenges, monthly bible study plans, weekly virtual bible study group and 1 month of superfood supplement.

The package includes access to an ongoing challenge group and your choice of a discounted 30 minute 1 on 1 session to discuss goals and design a personalized fertility meal plan.

Price starting at $160

3. Fertile Faith: Fertility Mindset Coaching

A comprehensive coaching package with five one hour 1:1 sessions. Includes a focus on best timing for ovulation and fertility success, identifying possible barriers to getting pregnant, nutrition and fertility detox guidance,  battling stress, doubt and discouragement, boosting your prayer life and personalized workout plan.

Price starting at $1497