I’m Avi Steen

Fertility Doula + Health Coach

Helping You Increase Your Faith Through TTC, Miscarriage, + Motherhood.

Fertility Faith Coaching

Learn how to optimize fertility and increase your fertile faith in 5 easy steps!

Health Coaching

Join my monthly faith + fitness challenge groups for healthy weight loss, toning + prayer!

Helping You Reach Goals

Let’s Unlock Your Peace, Purpose +  Inspiration. 

Women who are trying to conceive often let the fertility (or infertility) world take over. But the Word of God lets us know that we are in this world but NOT of it. My goal is to  help you see how God sees you in this world. Fearfully and wonderfully made. Created with a plan in mind, just like the future children He has placed on your heart to conceive. 


Dealing with hopelessness in your journey?

Seeking information about fertility nutrition?

Want to learn how to increase implantation?

Experiencing inconsistency in your prayer life?

Goal Setting

 Setting an action plan to help you become physically + spiritually fit!

Fertile Faith Coaching

Helping you optimize your fertility faith, balance hormones, and provide a private community of like-minded women.

Fertility Nutrition

Foods you should consume during the different phases of your cycle to boost fertility!

Coach Mentorship

Become a health + fitness coach and earn an extra $500 a week!

About Me

As a nurse I’ve spent over a decade helping others with their health. Now I’m currently a Girl Mom with a surprise on the way, Full-Time Nurse, YouTube Content Creator, and Fertility Doula + Health Coach.

6 months after marrying the love of my life we were hit with ‘baby fever’ and decided we’d make a family and try to conceive. A few months passed and nothing. I was stuck and wondering what was I doing wrong? Was it the birth control I was on previously, not yet out of my system? Were my eggs okay? What about his sperm? We tried and we tried. After two very traumatic miscarriages we had success. What did I change before our BFP? –my MINDSET. And I want to help you change yours too!


“I am loving the devotional you created for TWW. We are currently 9 or 10DPO. I put the verses in my husband’s lunchbox everyday. Be blessed!!”

“I wanted to say I enjoyed the video call! I believe this group is really going to help me continue to dive deeper into God’s word and learn to completely give my TTC journey to God.”

“Really love when you minister to us. you have a way of explaining things that make it very clear what the scripture is saying. Some scriptures sometimes can be a bit confusing to interpret. You have such a sweet pure spirit I can listen to you talk all day.I truly admire your positive attitude and faithfulness/Obedience to God.”

Online Coaching Resources

Fertile Faith in 5 eCourse

Optimize fertility and increase your fertile faith in 5 easy steps!

Pray, Sweat + Slay Fit Group

Become physically + spiritually fit with my monthly accountability group!

Fertility Nutrition eCourse

Learn about fertility foods to assist you in every phase of your cycle!

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