Hey Avi! Good Morning ❤️ just checking in to let ya know just how much I enjoyed Sunday’s first call!! The PowerPoint was packed with positive pointers, thank you! -M.

“I wanted to say I enjoyed the video call! I believe this group is really going to help me continue to dive deeper into God’s word and learn to completely give my TTC journey to God.” -S. (She also became pregnant while doing the program!)

I really enjoyed last nights meeting! I am happy that we can talk about what we are going through TTC as well as keeping God on our side in this process. Can’t wait till we meet again 🤗🤗 -J.

Our first meeting last night was amazing and refreshing. You’ve convicted me in my laziness concerning my daily devotion to the Lord. That’s very important . Reading his word and meditating on the promises of God will build me up spirituality, and mentally . I am grateful for the ministry that the Lord has bestowed upon you. Discipline is my weakness when waking up in the morning also 🥴 I’m an over night work , so you can relate. If you can make the effort and put God as your priority, then I know I can too.

I’m excited for our next meeting 😊 -S.

I’m down to 258 from 284. So an additional 11lbs. To be honest, the one goal I accomplished was consistent prayer.  – R.

I did my measurements. I lost about 14 pounds, and net loss was 0.25 inches. However, I lost some in my waist and hips, but gain some in my quads-holy squats Batman!  😂  

Can’t wait to see what victories the next round brings!

Working out while on vacation is always a huge victory for me–its what lets me know I’ve had a true lifestyle change! I feel SO much better and far less anxious when I get those 20-30 minutes in!

Mostly stuck to the meal plan, 80:20. Lost three lbs. I feel like my legs are way stronger! I feel like my mind is way stronger too!

I’m down 15 lbs and I can definitely feel it. So many things have changed. Definitely not easy but I’m very excited about next month!

I lost 8.2 lbs 😄😄😄😄😄 in one month!

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