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About me

Woman of God, wife, and mother of 3.

Octavia Steen is a NBDA certified fertility doula, certified fitness nutrition specialist, aspiring missionary with the COGIC, and owner of Mother Mindset.

She is originally from Michigan and now resides with her husband, Carl, and their three children in Indiana. Her certificate in nursing as well as degrees in Women Studies, B.A., and Health Care Management, M.B.A. have led her into her current passion of inspiring future and current young mothers.

She helps them increase their faith in God while creating healthy bodies to prepare for their first babies. Octavia has been featured in Black Enterprise, has worked with fertility brands like Mira Fertility, and is rooted and driven by her faith as a Christian.

I am available for

fertility coaching services including a self-paced course and monthly fertility mentorship. I also have numerous free resources and one to one opportunities.

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Healthy Fertility Course

A six-week fertility course to change your lifestyle habits, decrease chronic inflammation, and improve your fertility.

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Fertility Mentorship

Learn how to prepare your body to get and stay pregnant while staying positive and feeling supported along the way.

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Fertile Faith Podcast

A podcast to empower women trying to get pregnant naturally to overcome negative thoughts so they no longer have to be overwhelmed by their fertility journey.

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