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Trying to conceive can be a struggle but it’s so much better when you include God in your journey.

I want to share some tangible ways that I grew closer to God during my TTC journey so that I could cope with the process. If you’re struggling with worry, anxiety, or depression while trying to get pregnant, then this is for you. Don’t be discouraged sister you’ve got God on your side!

Worship to Grow Closer to God

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. -Psalm 150:6

Breath check. Yep, I’m breathing, that means you have free rein to worship our Father, praise Him and give Him glory for that breath you just breathed! Praise and worship is such a beautiful way to grow closer to God and definitely looks different for everyone.

For me, I love a good praise and worship playlist, like this one on YouTube, and an open room. I used to be a dancer, so dance is my thing. I would twirl, and cry and twirl some more in the presence of God.

There’s also no better way (in my opinion) to absolutely get in the presence of God and experience his fullness than a good worship session. Whew!

Maybe singing is your thing? Or dancing. Or clapping. Or jumping. Or quietly sitting and swaying. However you worship, that’s what God desires you to do to grow closer with Him.

Pray to Grow Closer to God

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. -James 5:16

That effective, passionate, and heart wrenching prayer of a righteous woman (or man) benefits us! God wants you to cry out and tell Him your deepest desires! He’s like a best friend on the other line of the phone. A spouse after a long day of work.

He’s there for you!

And sis, please stop making prayer so difficult. It is literally just a conservation with God. Just start talking and let the conversation flow. Here’s a great acronym for when you’re stuck on what to say:

Acknowledge: acknowledge Him for who He is (great, amazing, waymaker, provider, etc!)
Confession: confess any sins that you’ve committed (known and unknown)
Thanks: thank Him for anything and everything that He has done for you
Supplication: make your requests known 🙂

Listen for God’s Voice

Speaking of flowing conversation. Contrary to popular belief talking with God is a two-way conversation.

Just as much as you speak, you should also listen for His response. Just as much as you ask, you should listen for an answer.

Also, know that God speaks in many different ways. A soft whisper, audible voice, through His word (scripture), an impression on your heart, through other people, and so many more. So when you first start listening for God’s voice don’t be discouraged if you don’t “hear” it right away.

What I like to do in my alone time is quiet my heart (and my brain) and listen for His voice for at least five minutes or more. Sometimes a word comes to mind (He speaks to me through His word A LOT). I usually look up the word as it pertains to scripture and study those particular verses.

Remember: God speaks to us everyday that we are reading His word 🙂

Journal Your Prayers and Feelings

Next in my quiet time I love to journal. I start with “Dear God,” and I share my feelings about the day, week, gratitude, and any other prayers on my heart.

I love to journal my prayers and look back at old prayer journals, like this one on Amazon, where I can see how God showed up and answered my requests!

I’d also write down words or scriptures that came to my mind during my verbal prayer time. Sometimes I’d see visions, colors, pictures, or people. All of that went into my journal for a deeper study with God.

Be Consistent and Disciplined in Your Walk

I did all of the above, each and every day the month that I got my first positive pregnancy test. I grew closer to God and started to grow a baby as well 🙂

I did it by being consistent with my walk. I scheduled my time with God because let’s be honest sometimes life happens. I now use a Christian Daily Planner like this one on Amazon. I needed to know that I had a SET appointment with God.

I mean, we set doctor’s appointments and dare not miss them, right? What about God, sis?

I really hope that was helpful in learning how to grow closer to God during this time!

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