get pregnant faster

3 TTC Tips to Help You Get Pregnant Faster

Last Updated on January 1, 2022 by Avi Steen

So you’re probably here because you want to get pregnant faster. Well, keep reading because in this post I’m going to share with you how to boost your fertility so you can get pregnant faster without feeling overwhelmed in your fertility journey.

get pregnant faster

Tips to Get Pregnant Faster

What You Put in Your Body

The first tip to help you get pregnant faster and boost your fertility is monitoring what you put into your body. Yep, we’re talking food.

Specifically, nutrition and how it can really boost your fertility or bring it all the way down.

Nutrition is so important in balancing your hormones. We want to make sure we’re putting in the right foods for our individual bodies.

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Nutrition impacts fertility in so many ways. The key to our health is in the food y’all.

When we take control of the food we put into our bodies we can take control of our hormones better. So increase vegetables and healthy fats, and then decrease dairy, sugars and red meats.

Completely get rid of those last three for a complete boost in your fertility so that you can be a few steps closer to hormonal balance and getting pregnant faster.

get pregnant fast

Using Menstrual Cups for Your Cycle

Now I know you’re probably thinking, like what? A menstrual cup? Well, let me tell you.

I recently came across this article online that discusses menstrual cups and fertility. Now I will say I don’t entirely agree with the article.

But it’s kind of like one of those superstitions where if you lift your feet over your head after baby dancing you’ll get pregnant because the sperm will get to their destination quicker.

No harm, no foul. Things to try that won’t hurt your chances.

After reading the article I realized I hadn’t used a tampon in YEARS. While TTC I’ve only used pads or menstrual cups.

For the past year, I’ve been using a menstrual cup created by a company that is black-owned called Best Periodt.

And I’d have to say this is the best menstrual cup that I’ve ever used. All other cups have leaked in the past but this one has been the best for my cycles.

I can definitely see a difference when using this cup. Fewer cramps to be more specific, and really we’re not meant to have painful cycles. Painful cycles can indicate an imbalance in hormones or that something is wrong which is something the docs don’t usually tell you.

So the fact that a menstrual cup has been helping my cycle is so amazing.

Menstrual cups can be beneficial in helping you get pregnant faster because they don’t have the toxic chemicals that other feminine products often do and they can help you maintain a healthy ph balance down below.

Charting Your Cycle

The third tip is using a charting app like Fertility Friend or Kindara to help you get pregnant faster.

I don’t know how many times I jump onto a fertility coaching call and I ask “what does your chart look like” and many women aren’t charting.

Charting can be beneficial in so many ways. Probably not in the ways that you think though.

I actually don’t recommend that my clients pay attention to when the app predicts their ovulation, especially if they’ve only been charting for one cycle.

The prediction on the app is just an estimate and can really lead many women astray. Charting your cycle correctly can help determine and confirm ovulation as well as any possible imbalances you may be having in your cycle.

So charting is an absolute must.

You can learn more about charting your cycle in my fertility course and coaching sessions:

This post was all about tips to help you get pregnant faster.

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