Does the Bible say anything about miscarriage?

Does the Bible say anything about miscarriage?

When I went through my miscarriage I had a few thoughts. Well, maybe more than a few. Therefore, I made the decision to dive deep into the Bible to see does the Bible say anything about miscarriage? 

Miscarriage and Bleeding

In the bible, any type of bleeding, whether from disease, miscarriage, or even from a menstrual cycle, was required that you, in modern terms, quarantine. 

A person going through sickness and disease had to be cast out from their town. They had to be isolated from people and go outside of the city.

Basically, whenever anyone comes into contact with you you would have to scream that you were unclean!

Women had to do that monthly?! How embarrassing. I can only imagine but thank God for grace because similarly in the Old Testament when someone had leprosy or any other types of diseases they were considered unclean as well. 

Whoever had leprosy had to dress up like a mourner and anyone who came in contact or near him or her they were then unclean until the next morning. 

During TTC and you’re not so patiently waiting for that BFP and then BAM, Aunt flow shows up. Sadness overcomes you and now you’re feeling like the person in that state of leprosy 

Just imagine if you have to go around your city yelling that you’re unclean.  Not fun at all. 

Feeling cast out from everyone else who became pregnant that month or from those who have had successful IVF or IUI. It’s a lot.

Does the Bible Say Anything About Miscarriage?

The bible does have a few scriptures related to miscarriages. Exodus 23:26 states in the amplified version that “No one shall suffer miscarriage or be barren in your land; I will fulfill the number of your days. This verse is actually referring to Israel and how God was going to send an angel to Israel as a promise to Israel that God was going to do all of these things for them.

But of course, we know they were a very disobedient culture. There are many promises from God in the Bible where are the Israelites were under the law as well as for us now that we’re under grace. 

Bible Scriptures About Miscarriage

Deuteronomy 31: 8 says the Lord himself goes before you and will be with you! 

Many people look at the the middle of the scripture which says he will never leave you nor forsake you you have to think about what comes first. It states the Lord himself goes WITH YOU.

He’s already there so he’s not going to leave you nor forsake you because he is already with you so do not be afraid and do not be discouraged by what you’re going through because the Lord is with you and will not leave.

Jeremiah 29:11 states: For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord plans to prosper you and not harm you plans to give you a hope and a future.

God knows the plans that he has for you and he’s already put in place what he’s going to do in your life. The book of your life is already written. Your Instagram feed is already full f wonderful content in God’s eyes. 

Jeremiah 1:5 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee! Before he formed us, his children of God, he knew what he had planned for us. He knows the plans for the baby that will form in YOUR belly. 

Where do miscarried babies go?

In regards to my miscarriage experiences, I knew God had to take the baby home early to heaven because the baby just wasn’t going to be ready for this world. 

Be ready and prepared for what God’s plans are. God has set you apart to do something spectacular, to do something amazing! More abundantly above all that you can think or ask. He set you apart so you have to live knowing that He is going to direct your path!

Have you downloaded the two-week wait devotional?

Fetal Doppler Under $50 | Is it Worth it? (2020)

Fetal Doppler Under $50 | Is it Worth it? (2020)

So what is the Best Fetal Doppler Under $50?

To be completely honest with you, you’re probably going to have to spend a little more than $50 for a good fetal doppler. Most often when pregnant moms are looking for a fetal doppler, they instead find bump headphones that allow music to be transmitted to the womb. I have actually found a reliable and affordable fetal doppler to help during pregnancy.

During both of my pregnancies, I used a Facelake (now Sonoline B) Doppler from www.babydoppler.com.

Due to having previous miscarriages, using a baby doppler helped to keep my mind at ease during early pregnancy but I also did not completely rely on it. If you are concerned about your baby’s health you should ALWAYS seek help from your physician or midwife.

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fetal doppler under $50

Here’s a couple of fetal dopplers I have found:

When not to use a fetal doppler?

  • You should not use a fetal doppler to replace your physician, obstetrician, and/or midwife. You will still require medical oversight even if you can hear the heartbeat of your little one.
  • A fetal doppler should not be used if doing so causes more anxiety than reassurance. The bible tells us to be anxious for nothing but instead to reflect on things that are good.

Best Fetal Doppler to Listen to Baby

A Sonoline B (mentioned above) is a home fetal doppler that is very popular amongst new moms-to-be. Is it the best? Well, I have found that it often sounds better than the medical grade doppler used in my midwife’s office.

It comes with a sound-enhancing gel, two AA batteries (which still work and I have not yet replaced after 2 pregnancies), and the doppler itself features an LCD screen to see the heartbeat.
You can find it ON SALE here.

Common Questions About Fetal Dopplers

  • Is it safe to use a fetal doppler at home?
    • The risk of using a fetal doppler at home is not in the actual doppler itself but in the risk of potential anxiety of the mother. Multiple factors can contribute to this including, not being able to hear the heartbeat, hearing other sounds and not being able to interpret, etc. A fetal doppler should only be used with help and guidance from your physician or medical professional.
  • Why are home dopplers not recommended often?
    • Home dopplers are not often recommended in most cases to decrease the stress levels of soon-to-be moms. False security can come from home dopplers and incorrect usage.
  • Can you overuse a fetal doppler?
    • According to safebabymonitor.com, try to keep usage under 10 minutes per session, if it has been over 10 minutes, take a break.
  • When can you start using a fetal doppler?
    • Most fetal doppler’s recommend usage after the 12th week of pregnancy. Check out this video where I found my baby’s heartbeat at 8 weeks on my fetal doppler.
  • What sounds can you hear with a fetal doppler?
    • You can hear multiple sounds on a fetal doppler including your own heartbeat, baby’s heartbeat, placenta, and even bowel sounds. Yes I know, gross.
  • How do you use a fetal doppler?

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Using a Fetal Doppler

Using a fetal doppler, whether super expensive or under $50, should not be done in replacement of seeking a physician for your prenatal care. Yes, they can be helpful in easing your mind mama, but they can also be a hindrance to your overall stress levels as it pertains to your pregnancy, so use them wisely if you choose to do so!


What has been your experience with a fetal doppler?

Implantation Symptoms in the Two Week Wait

Implantation Symptoms in the Two Week Wait

Implantation Symptoms in the Two Week Wait

For some women, implantation symptoms will be loud and clear in the two week wait. But for others, not so much.

In my experience of conceiving my first child, I was able to detect multiple implantation symptoms in my cycle and I would love to share that with you so keep on reading!

Implantation symptoms in the two week wait

What is implantation?

Implantation occurs after you’ve ovulated near the middle of your two-week wait. 6-10 days after ovulation is the estimated time of the initial implantation of an embryo. 

Dictionary.com defines it as “the attachment of the early embryo to the lining of the uterus.”

Simply put it’s when your future child attaches to your uterus in order to grow for the next 9 months. So exciting!

fertility diet

What are Implantation Symptoms?

  • Implantation Dip

An implantation dip is something that might see as an implantation symptom if you are charting your basal body temperature (BBT) during your cycle. 

Similar to ovulation when your BBT rises it’s because there is a hormone surge (LH during ovulation and estrogen during implantation).

 If you see a dip between 6-10 DPO it could possibly be an implantation dip.

  • Implantation Bleeding

Bleeding sometimes be difficult to determine if it’s due to implantation vs period bleeding. 

Every woman’s body and cycles are different and in some cases bleeding (usually mimics spotting) mid luteal phase could be an indicator of implantation. 

It could also be an indicator of a short luteal phase and your menstrual starting which coul be an indicator of hormone imbalance.

  • Implantation Cramping

Another symptom of implantation can be cramping and  I have received a lot of questions about what it feels like.

In most cases, its not something that is panful. It can feel like a tingling or pulling section in the lower abdomen, usually on one side.

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What helps implantation during the two-week wait?

Must Have Fertility Product
  • Pineapple Core

Pineapples are sooo beneficial for your luteal phase also known as your two week wait, the time after ovulation pending a hopeful pregnancy.

The core of a pineapple is full of a vital nutrient called bromelain which is very helpful in assisting your corpus luteum (potentially your placenta) for implantation during the two week wait.

It helps reduce inflammation in the body to provide an optimal environment for baby to thrive!

Before the TWW, I personally bought a WHOLE pineapple, cut the core out, and cut it up into 6 chunks. 

I ate the core (by itself) but if you can’t bear the toughness of it, a smoothie works fine as well. I ate 1 chunk a day starting 1 DPO until 6 DPO!

  • A Relaxing and Stress-Free Environment

The two week wait in itself can be a stressful time, which in relation to getting pregnant does not help your chances.

Take this time to do some relaxing stretches, self care practices and daily prayer to help you stay calm during this time.

  • Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds assist in boosting fertility by helping your body to regulate progesterone. Progesterone is one of the most important hormones your body needs in the luteal phase (two week wait). 

Eat a handful a day or throw them in a smoothie!

Can you have pregnancy symptoms during implantation?

During or before implantation if you are experiencing symptoms they are most likely not pregnancy symptoms.

Pregnancy symptoms can only occur after a embryo has implanted and when your body starts to release the pregnancy hormone hcG.

What are signs of a successful implantation?

  • Pregnancy Symptoms

If you have a successful implantation your body will soon start to release hcG which is the pregnancy hormone. After this happens, you will begin to experience some of these pregnancy symptoms including mood swings, sore breasts, nausea, constipating, change in taste, change in smell and more!

  • Big Fat Positive Pregnancy Test (BFP)

The tell tale sign of a successful implantation is a positive pregnancy test! 

Some women can test as early as 24 hours following implantation depending on how much hcG has been released and some women might have to wait a week.

  • Blood Test

For those women who might not see a significant rise in their pregnancy hormone but have not yet received a period or positive pregnancy test might want to discuss with their physician on testing their blood levels for the pregnancy hormone.

Increase Chances of Implantation
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So to summarize, some key symptoms that can be seen during implantion include a temperature dip, bleeding and/or cramping. A woman can experience all, some or none of these symptoms before a positive pregnancy depending on her own body and hormonal patterns.

What implantation symptoms do you believe you are currently experiencing or have experienced in past pregnancies?

Social Distancing and Motherhood | How to Increase Faith During Hard Times

Social Distancing and Motherhood | How to Increase Faith During Hard Times

Last Friday was Ava’s birthday. My baby girl turned one! I can’t believe it’s been a year! On her birthday to keep a long story short my phone died (and never came back to life).

I tried on two different Mac computers to revive it through iTunes with no luck. So it’s been a week without a phone for me. The Lord took social distancing to a whole nother level!

Social distancing is becoming a new way of life during these very troubling times.It’s very weird right now to say the least. And really hard for some people quite frankly. 

In our household we’re leaning HEAVILY on faith. With my husband off work we HAVE TO lean on God (even more). Really, we all need the Lord to get us through this time and so when my phone died I was hurt at first.

And of course hormonal because I am currently 25 weeks pregnant. I was just hormonal, crying, frustrated and just upset because I couldn’t get my phone to work and now a week later I have a whole new outlook on life.

SOCIAL Distancing 

Not only life but life without social media. Life without having your phone stuck to your hand. It allowed me to be more present. 

More present in my household, in my marriage and as a mother.

During this time social distancing has allowed me to really just look at things differently. So I went back to a scripture today about stretching because a lot of us are out here stretching because of this virus! 

Maybe our kids are at home or our husbands aren’t working or we’re not working. We’re stretching we’re having to stretch finances or food to make ends meet. In the church pastors are trying to figure out ways to be virtual and have an online ministry. 

So we’re stretching. But a lot of us are stretching towards the wrong thing. 

Luke 6:10 says:

First he looked around at them all and then said to the man stretch out your hand. So the man stretched out his hand and his hand was completely restored

The man had a crippled hand so he stretched out his hand to Jesus and was instantly healed and made his whole.

Stretched Out

Like I said we’re stretching but we’re stretching towards the wrong things. Finances in shambles? Have you stretched towards the Lord in prayer to ask him to provide for you?

When I think of stretching I think of growth. Sometimes our growth as Christians comes from stretching. Our growth comes from hearing the call of God (whatever he has called you to do in this time) and being obedient!

Luke 11: 28 says: 

Blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it. 

Meaning you’re blessed if you’re reading the word of God you hear the word of God and actually following it. I had the realization with my phone that the Lord was stretching me but he was stretching me towards Him. Stretching towards Jesus in this time where I don’t have access to the world. 

But I didn’t need access to the world. I needed to keep my access open to Him…

Just like muscles need to be stretched in order to grow and before you exercise you stretch beforehand and afterwards for flexibility for strength. That’s how we have to be as Christians. We have to be able to stretch, be flexible for God and his plans for us, and strengthen our relationship with God so that we can grow. 

Yeah you might be stretching your finances or in your personal life. You might be stretching right now but the Lord is trying to stretch you for good.

Pregnant women don’t start off with big bellies, right? They are stretched over time and as the baby grows, that’s how we develop in the womb of God. Taking in nutrients from the Lord through the word of God in order to grow in our faith.

Increasing Faith

Practical Tips to Increase Faith During Hard Times:

  • Limit Local/World News and Social Media
  • Put your phone in a different room during devotional time
  • Create a space specifically designed for time with the Lord (war room, prayer closet, etc.)
  • Open your actual bible, highlight, take notes
  • Pray for those affected
  • Include yourself in your prayers (for me this can be hard)
  • If you struggle with prayer, set a timer (5 mins to start), if you go past the timer great! Increase your time as you get comfortable.
  • Listen to worship music when feeling overwhelmed
  • Remember to stop and listen for God’s voice during/after devotional time

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