Can You Put Haakaa in Fridge to Store Milk? Breast Pump Tips

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The Haakaa is probably (most likely) one of the most popular brands of manual breast pumps of our time and as a mom of three little bundles of joy, I’ve enjoyed my multiple breastfeeding journeys with the haakaa pump. But like you, I wondered ” can you put haakaa in fridge?” 

​In this blog post, we’re diving into the topic of whether you can stash your haakaa in the fridge and I’ll be sharing some precious breast pump wisdom.

But first, what is a haakaa silicone breast pump?

Understanding the Haakaa

Alright, for those of you who might be raising an eyebrow at the word “Haakaa,” let me give you the scoop. The Haakaa breast pump is like a trusty sidekick for breastfeeding moms. 

It’s simple, it’s affordable, and it’s like your milk’s personal superhero – swooping in to collect all that extra milk during nursing sessions.

It’s a pump made of food-grade silicone manual that works as gentle suction (compared to an electric pump) on your breast and is a great way to collect soo much milk in the beginning stages of being a breastfeeding mom. 

I personally used the haakaa to build my freezer stash with all of my babies, and once toddlers were added to the experience, the haakaa suction base came in handy, so I wasn’t spilling precious fresh milk constantly.

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Can You Put Haakaa in Fridge to Store Milk?

Now, I know the question that’s been buzzing around your sleep-deprived brain (trust me, I’ve been there): can you really store that Haakaa in the fridge? The answer is a resounding yes! Just like you’d store your electric breast pump parts in the fridge between feedings to keep bacteria at bay, you can absolutely refrigerate your Haakaa and its collected milk.

Here’s how to use your haakaa step by step.

First, make sure your Haakaa is squeaky clean and sanitized before using – we’re talking about your baby’s meal here! 

After your nursing or pumping session, pour that liquid gold into a sterile storage container. It could be a trusty bottle or even a breast milk storage bag.

If you’re low on time or the baby is screaming, you can certainly put the milk-filled haakaa in the fridge on its own. Just make sure you have a haakaa stopper or a lid like this one.

Don’t forget to label the container with the date and time of collection. Just adding the date is just fine as well if you don’t remember what time you last used the milk-filled haakaa. Pop it in the coldest corner of your fridge (hint: the back is a cool spot).

Now, as for storage time, personally, I keep my Haakaa treasures in the fridge for no longer than 24 hours (and at room temperature no more than 2 hours). That way, I either use the pumped milk pronto or tuck it away in the freezer for future use.

Breast Pumping Tips for New Moms

Now, let’s dig into the real nitty-gritty of breast pumping, because, honestly, who better to share these mom-to-mom tips than someone who’s been through the trenches? Buckle up, ladies, because here’s the raw truth from the depths of my own journey:

1. More Feedings Means More Milk Production 

Supply and demand is your secret weapon. I will also preach supply and demand to moms who want to increase their milk supply. Your breasts work on a simple principle: the more you empty them, the more milk they’ll produce.

So, when in doubt, feed and pump away, and your body will respond with the amount of milk your baby needs. Add your haakaa to one side and your baby on the opposite side and gather that precious milk. I’ll even raise my glass of coconut water to supply and demand because, let’s face it, this mama knows that secret weapon works like a charm!

2. Be Kind to Yourself. 

This is a marathon, not a sprint. Imagine you’re on a marathon, but instead of a finish line, there’s a cuddly little bundle of joy waiting for you. Yep, that’s the motherhood marathon. And just like any marathon, it’s not about the speed; it’s about the endurance and the little victories along the way. 

So, when those tough moments hit – and they will – take a deep breath, give yourself a high-five for making it this far, and remember, it’s okay to slow down and catch your breath.

3. Build A Stash 

In the early days, building up a stash can feel like stockpiling gold. And guess what? You’re allowed to revel in that feeling! Every drop of milk feels like a victory. Those little bags of liquid gold you stack in your freezer? They’re not just milk; they’re a testament to your hard work and dedication. So, celebrate each ounce like it’s a milestone because, sis, it absolutely is.

Now, onto the practical stuff. 

4. Get Comfortable

Picture a serene oasis where you can retreat and pump in peace. Seek out a cozy corner, add a sprinkle of tranquility, and voilà – you’ve created your pumping haven. In the early stages of motherhood its so important to find peace. Because soon your baby will be on the move and you’ll be pumping on the go!

5. Pump On Schedule

In the midst of the new-mom whirlwind, consistency is your guiding star. Establish a pumping schedule that syncs with your rhythm. Whether it’s sunrise or sunset, make it your special pumping time and let that routine work for you.

6. Clean and Sanitize Appropriately

Let’s show some love to the real MVP of your breastfeeding journey – your breast pump! After each pumping session, roll up your sleeves and give it a thorough cleaning. Remember, a happy pump is a productive pump, and a clean pump ensures your liquid gold stays, well, golden.

two jar of milk bottles, can you put haakaa in fridge

Maximizing Haakaa Usage for Milk Collection

Now, let’s dive into some clever Haakaa hacks that will take your milk-collecting game to the next level. Trust me, fellow moms, these are the kind of multitasking moves you’ll want to master:

Moms Multitask

Oh yes, we moms are the champions of multitasking, and here’s how you take it up a notch. While your little munchkin is blissfully nursing on one side, attach your trusty Haakaa to the opposite breast. Picture it: you’re feeding your baby while simultaneously collecting liquid gold. It’s like efficiency on steroids – and we all know how much we adore efficiency!

First Morning Milk

Mornings and milk go together like peanut butter and jelly. Your milk supply is at its perkiest during those early hours, so don’t let it go to waste. If your sweet pea is still in dreamland, seize the moment. Reach for your Haakaa or manual pump and start gathering that precious morning milk stash. And here’s a pro tip: once you’re done, give your pump or Haakaa a good clean and find them a cozy spot in a dry place.

Use Daily, Save the Day

Want to know the secret to avoid engorgement and those pesky milk leaks? It’s simple – incorporate your Haakaa into your daily routine. Make it your breastfeeding sidekick, your trusty companion. Whether it’s your morning ritual, a midday break, or even a quick session before bed, the Haakaa is like the superhero utility belt for breastfeeding moms. Consider it your ticket to an engorgement-free, leak-free zone, and say hello to a smoother, more comfortable breastfeeding journey.

So there you have it, ladies – a trio of Haakaa-powered strategies to supercharge your milk collection journey. Multitasking like a pro, harnessing the morning milk magic, and turning your Haakaa into your daily sidekick are all part of the game. Embrace these techniques, make them your own, and remember each drop of milk collected is a step closer to ensuring your little one’s nourishment and well-being. As you weave these Haakaa hacks into your motherhood tapestry, know that you’re rocking this journey like the incredible mom that you are. Keep those Haakaas ready, mamas – you’re about to conquer the breastfeeding world, one drop at a time!

Freezing and Thawing Haakaa-Collected Breast Milk

Time to talk freezing and thawing – the cool superhero moves for preserving your milk stash. At the end of the day, pour your fresh milk into breast milk storage bags. Squeeze out the air, seal it tight, and label it like a boss (date and quantity, mama!).

When thawing, opt for the slow and steady approach – fridge or warm water. Gently swirl that milk to mix those fat layers and show ’em who’s boss. Just remember: no microwaving or boiling allowed!

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Haakaa Storage FAQ

Can I Refrigerate Breast Milk in Haakaa?

Yes, you can refrigerate fresh breast milk collected in a Haakaa, but it’s recommended to transfer the milk to a clean airtight container before refrigeration.

How Do You Store Milk After Haakaa?

After using the Haakaa, pour the collected milk into a sterilized and clean container, label it with the date, and store it in the fridge or freezer.

Do I Need To Wash My Haakaa After Every Use?

Yes, it’s important to wash your Haakaa after each use with warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly before reusing.

What Can I Do With Haakaa Milk Overnight?

You can refrigerate Haakaa-collected milk overnight and use it within 24 hours, or freeze it for longer storage.

Can You Put Haakaa in Fridge?

Yes, you can place your Haakaa in the fridge between feedings to keep it clean and ready for the next use.

Can You Put Haakaa Pump in Fridge?

While it’s possible to put the Haakaa pump in the fridge, it’s generally recommended to transfer the collected milk to a storage container before refrigerating.

How To Store Haakaa Between Uses?

After each use, clean your Haakaa, and if you plan to use it again soon, you can leave it at room temperature or refrigerate it until the next session.

How To Store Haakaa?

Store your Haakaa in a clean and dry place between uses, and ensure it’s well-sanitized before each session.

How To Keep Haakaa On?

To keep the Haakaa securely attached, make sure the suction is properly positioned on your breast and create a gentle suction by squeezing the base.

Can I Store Milk in Haakaa in Fridge?

While you can refrigerate Haakaa-collected milk for a short time, it’s advisable to transfer the milk to a storage container before placing it in the fridge for longer storage.

Can You Keep Adding to Haakaa?

Yes, you can keep using the Haakaa to collect milk on the same breast during multiple feedings to gradually accumulate more milk throughout the day.

You made it, mama! Now you know that your Haakaa can chill out in the fridge, and you’ve got a whole toolbox of breast-pumping tips and the best way to tackle this journey head-on. Embrace every moment, every drop, and every hiccup – you’re crafting a unique breastfeeding story that’s all your own.

But wait, the story doesn’t end here! I’d love to hear your tips, your tales, and your triumphs in the comments below. Let’s create a haven of support and shared experiences for all the new moms out there.  💕

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