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If there’s one thing that keeps us going in this beautiful chaos called motherhood, it’s finding those little pockets of peace and inspiration throughout the day. That’s why I’m so excited to dive into something that’s close to my heart – devotionals for moms. 

Yep, you heard it right! We’re talking about those soul-soothing, heartwarming devotionals crafted with us, Christian moms, in mind. Whether we’re breastfeeding a squirmy one-year-old or tackling the car pick-up line, these devotionals are like a gentle reminder that we’re not alone on this journey. 

So, grab your favorite cozy corner because we’re about to explore the 21 best daily devotionals that’ll uplift and empower us on this rollercoaster ride of motherhood. 

What Are Daily Devotions?

Daily devotions are like those little moments in the day when you take a break to connect with God. It’s like having a heart-to-heart chat with your best friend, but in this case, your best friend is our loving Heavenly Father, who brings you comfort and guidance.

Imagine it as your special time to slow down and reflect. It’s like when you pause to smell the flowers on your way to school – you’re giving yourself a chance to appreciate the beauty around you. 

In the same way, daily devotions help you appreciate the beauty of life and feel grateful for the good things in whatever season of motherhood you’re in.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. It could be as simple as reading a short scripture selection from a book that inspires you or taking a quiet moment to think about what you’re thankful for. Just like how we chat before bedtime, these moments can provide a powerful dose of comfort and peace.

Why Are Devotionals Important for Moms?

Devotionals can mean the world to busy moms like us. You know how our days can be a little chaotic, right? 

With kids to take care of, a home to clean, and a million things on our minds, it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed.

That’s where devotionals come in. God’s word gives us a chance to take a step back, even if it’s just for a few minutes, to reflect on our current season of life.

Think of it as a short escape – like sneaking away to have a piece of chocolate all to yourself! Devotionals help us reconnect our hearts, recharge our spirits, and remember who we are beyond all the roles we play.

They can be like a lifeline, reminding us that we’re not alone in this journey. Devotionals are a great way for us to find strength and inspiration, whether it’s through a comforting passage or a simple affirmation.

A Big Difference in Your Day

As Christian moms, we need to take care of ourselves and nurture our own spirits. It ripples out to how we take care of our families too. It’s like when we’re on an airplane, and they tell us to put our own oxygen masks on first – we can’t help others if we’re not okay ourselves. 

Devotionals help us stay grounded, patient, and full of love, even on those extra challenging days.

So, mama, I know there is lots to do, but take a few moments each day to have a little God time so you can recharge through the Holy Spirit and experience complete spiritual refreshment.

With that said, let’s dive into some of the best devotionals for moms. These not only make great personal purchases, but also are a great gift for mother’s day. 

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Best Devotionals for Moms

Devotionals for Daily Prayer

1. Prayer Journal for Women

In the “Prayer Journal for Women,” the focus is on creating a meaningful connection with God. Through 52 weeks of scripture verses, reflections, and prompts, you’ll be guided through devotionals.

The verses are grouped by themes like love, provision, adversity, and many more. This journal is a great companion whether you’re looking for personal reflection or want to engage in group Bible study.

The journal gives you room to write your thoughts and prayers. Each week, you’ll find a Bible verse to ponder, questions for reflection, and space to jot down your own insights. You can also use it to track your prayers and witness how they get answered over time.

2. Effectual Fervent Mama

The “Effectual Fervent Mama: The New Mom Devotional” is a guide to maintaining a meaningful connection with God amidst the beautiful chaos of motherhood. I also couldn’t go through a list of great mom devotionals without adding my own. 🙂

Motherhood is a journey of love and growth, but it can also be overwhelming, especially for new moms. This devotional is designed to empower you to connect with God effectively despite the demands of your little ones.

What’s Inside:

  1. Habit Tracker: Establish a natural habit of devotion and prayer using the Habit Tracker. It helps you find moments for prayer amid your motherly duties.
  2. 21-Day Scripture Plan: Time is precious for new moms. The 21-Day Scripture Plan ensures consistent Bible reading, even as you care for your little ones. Daily readings offer spiritual nourishment.
  3. 21-Day Devotional: Motherhood requires constant encouragement. Our prayer-based devotionals uplift and strengthen you in the Lord through every aspect of being a mom.

The “Effectual Fervent Mama” is a digital devotional tailored for your busy lifestyle. Access it digitally wherever you go, embracing purposeful prayer and staying connected with God in the midst of motherhood.

Rediscover the joy of connecting with God while thriving as a new mom. Perfect for stay-at-home moms, working moms, and new mom life. This devotional helps you nurture your spiritual growth alongside your motherly responsibilities.

3. Midnight Mom Devotional

The Midnight Mom Devotional is a heartwarming book of prayers. It’s like a cozy connection to a community of fellow moms, providing that extra bit of strength and support just when you could use it the most.

Each night as you settle in, there’s a unique prayer waiting for you. It’s like a little conversation with your Creator, tailored to various mom situations.

In those quiet moments when the world sleeps, take comfort in the fact that women all around the globe are right there with you, sending up prayers to the same listening and loving God. So, dear mama, know that no matter where you are or what you’re going through, this book holds a little piece of solidarity and a whole lot of understanding.

4. 100 Days of Believing Bigger

100 Days of Believing Bigger is not a devotional specific to moms, but it is so powerful that every mama needs it! If you feel like you’re holding yourself back. Doubt, fear, or imperfection is standing in the way of your fu potential, this book will bring it out! 

The author, Marshawn Evans Daniels, is a life coach who helps you engage in honest conversations with God about your aspirations, your goals, and the dreams that make your heart beat faster.

5. Hope for the Weary Mom

Hope for the Weary Mom is a refreshingly honest perspective on where you are right now. The authors guide you through their book, reminding you that God isn’t absent in your chaos. 

devotionals for moms

Devotion for Busy Moms

6. 3-Minute Daily Devotions for Moms

For busy moms, this book offers a quick and meaningful way to connect with your faith. With just 3-minute readings each day, you’ll find a dose of comfort, encouragement, and inspiration tailored to your needs. 

The structure is simple: spend the first minute meditating on a scripture, the second minute reading a personalized devotional, and the third minute engaging in a prayer to jump-start your conversation with God. 

In these short minutes, you’ll experience spiritual refreshment that fits into your daily routine.

7. A Little God Time for Mothers

In the midst of the chaos that defines a mother’s life, A Little God Time for Mothers offers a daily refuge of wisdom and insight. This year-long devotional provides a brief moment of reflection for every day, guiding mothers to find refreshment and renewal in God’s presence. 

8. 5-Minute Devotions for Mom

In the whirlwind of motherhood, the presence of God remains constant. 5-Minute Devotions for Mom is a collection of 150 brief devotions designed to bring tranquility and strengthen faith to busy moms. 

Presented in a convenient 5-minute format, these devotions provide a quick and accessible way to reconnect with God during the hectic moments of the day, whether it’s over a morning coffee, at bedtime, or any pause in between.

9. Bible Promises for Moms

Bible Promises for Moms offers a daily dose of encouragement from God’s promises. Recognizing the unique challenges and concerns of mothers, this pocket-sized book contains a wealth of relevant Scriptures that offer peace and guidance. 

10. Pressing Pause

Pressing Pause invites you to step back from the chaos of life, especially when kids are squabbling and responsibilities are overwhelming. This book provides a serene approach to beginning your day, offering a chance to rejuvenate in Jesus’ presence. 

By finding time for yourself, you can replenish your spirit, allowing you to wholeheartedly invest your love, time, and energy into the most important people in your life.

11. You Got This

This book speaks to the tireless work of women everywhere. In the midst of life’s many demands, it’s common for women to lose sight of their selves. 

Whether juggling responsibilities at home, in the workplace, or both, every woman needs encouragement and grace to navigate life’s pressures. This 90-day devotional serves as a respite from stress, focusing on the blessings we have. 

For the First Time Mom

12. New Morning Mercies

New Morning Mercies acknowledges the challenges of mornings. Beyond the usual breakfast and coffee, bestselling author Paul David Tripp seeks to provide a different kind of energy boost: the gospel’s powerful encouragement. 

13. Quiet Times with God

Quiet Times with God is a year-long devotional crafted by bestselling author Joyce Meyer. It offers a tranquil start to each day through peaceful reflections, soul-stirring inspirations, and uplifting Bible verses. 

14. Blessings, New Mom

Blessings, New Mom is a weekly devotional designed for new mothers, offering them grace and empathy throughout their first year of motherhood and beyond. With a blend of weekly scriptures, affirmations, devotions, and prayers, this devotional serves as a poignant reminder that, in every moment—be it delightful or demanding—God is there to support and guide them.

Bible Reading Plans for Moms

The following bible reading plans are all free devotionals for moms on the Youversion Bible app. It provides personal stories and can be a great add to your devotional routine!

15. Living Changed: Mom to Mom

16. Grow Your Baby, Grow Your Faith

17. No Better Mom for the Job

18. A Confident Mom

19. Mom Set Free

20.You Can Hear God’s Voice!

21.Parenting Scriptures

Free Printable: Quiet Time with God Checklist

To grab your free checklist, click the photo below.

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