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Here’s Exactly How to Balance Your Hormones in 7 Steps

how to balance your hormones

Last Updated on September 24, 2023 by Avi Steen

Here’s the thing, I didn’t realize my hormones required balancing until I found myself wanting to get pregnant and it taking absolutely too long (in my opinion). So I want to share with you tips on how to balance your hormones so that you can live a healthier life and get the results you desire (baby or not!).

Balancing Hormones for Pregnancy

First, let me share with you my personal (I mean very personal) hormone balancing story.

Let’s dive right in sis! It used to take me 7 days to poop. Yes, a bowel movement only happened once a week for me.

I went to doctor after doctor seeking guidance on why this was and was prescribed medication after medication. Yes, the Miralax helped but in my eyes, it was not a long-term solution.

Plus, taking Miralax every day was not conducive to my social life. AT ALL.

I remember one night in a bible study where my flatulence couldn’t be contained. Talk about so embarrassing!

So it was certainly apparent that I had gut-health issues and the constipation was just one symptom that contributed. Constipation was also followed by constant bloating, of course, anxiety, and the inability to get pregnant.

That last one hit me hard in 2017. I was in my first year of marriage and obviously having the usual baby fever. We were off birth control and just knew that IT would happen right away. We were wrong.

I was at a loss because I was having what I thought were normal and balanced monthly cycles. I’m talking every 28 days like the medical books say, type of cycles. But still nothing.

After two miscarriages in 2018, I went to the Lord. He revealed to me the issue that I already was aware of but didn’t know directly correlated with my conception efforts. My gut was unhealthy. 

My body was holding onto unwanted waste (for 7 days at a time to be exact) and in turn, causing my body to yield unhealthy results.

21 day challenge

Treating Hormonal Imbalance

After learning what the problem was I started a 21 Day Challenge to lose weight and balance my hormones naturally. I was able to conceive my rainbow baby who is now almost 3 years old after that challenge and on the first cycle!

I’ve since gone on to follow those dietary changes and exercise regimens to continue as a healthy lifestyle and help other women do the same. 

Now I want to share with you those exact tips that helped me.

Balance Your Hormones in a Week

  • Day 1 – Evaluate Your Cycle for Imbalances

First things first. Do you have a hormonal imbalance to balance? In my studies as a nurse and fertility coach, I have had many clients who are experiencing simple symptoms that they did not know could be directly correlated with their hormones. 

I’ll list some of those common signs below:

  • Constipation and/or diarrhea
  • Infertility
  • Painful menstrual periods
  • Irregular menstrual periods
  • Weight gain
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety and/or depression
  • Skin acne
  • Vaginal dryness (prior to menopause)
  • Headaches

Out of the above symptoms I’ve actually experienced 6 of them prior to balancing my hormones with the following factors. 

  • Day 2 – Change Your Eating Habits

I know you’ve probably have heard this one and/or implemented this habit already to help balance your hormones throughout your monthly cycle.

Common culprits to hormonal imbalance from food include added sugar, gluten, trans-fat, and in some cases, meat.

During my own personal TTC journey, I ate a mostly plant-based diet. Vegetarian if you will. I completely steered away from meat as did my husband in the hopes of conceiving quicker. Eliminating the above foods allowed my body to digest food a lot more efficiently which in turn helped my body process and get rid of food quicker. 

In the beginning, I had dwindled my bowel movements to every 2-3 days and now am consistent with every other day. This hormone balance habit was a huge contributor, if not the most important, to my healthy journey.

how to balance your hormones
  • Day 3 – Start Exercising 20-30 Minutes a Day

And no walking at work does not count. Sorry, sis. Constant movement (with reasonable rest periods) 20 – 30 minutes a day with an increase in heart rate is the type of exercise I’m referring to. 

Walking, high-intensity interval training, weight training, and dancing are just a few types of workouts that can be beneficial in your journey to balanced hormones.

An ideal regimen is completed 4-5 times a week in addition to a healthy eating meal plan. If you’d like a workout plan and meal plan completely done for you, check out my 21 Day Challenge for Weight Loss and Hormone Balance.

  • Day 4 – Manage Stress Factors

This is a hormone balancing activity that most tend to lay aside. Stress can be a huge factor in how our bodies react on a daily basis. Not coping with the various stress factors that life continues to throw our way can lead to increased anxiety and depression.

Two factors we can definitely control with the Holy Spirit and coping strategies to help us grow through what we’re currently going through. 

My favorite way to manage stress is by diving deeper into my relationship with God through the Bible. I know that I can always lean on the word for encouragement and inspiration through any struggle that I am experiencing.

How to Pray Scripture
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How to Balance Hormones Naturally

  • Day 5 – Incorporate Better Sleep Habits

We’ve all heard it. Go to bed early and wake up feeling much better. This is absolutely true. Allowing your body proper rest also allows your mind to rest. Your mind and body work together to create an optimal environment for performance throughout the day.

Personally, in my nursing career, I worked night shifts and usually slept for 4-5 hours during the day. This simply did not allow my body any time to rejuvenate and replenish the energy needed to function properly, ultimately over time causing an imbalance in my hormones.

So make sure you are getting at least 7 hours a day, even if that means going to bed a little bit earlier than you usually would.

  • Day 6 Address Gut Health Issues

This tip was one that took me a while to adapt to. It goes hand in hand with changing your eating habits and realizing that your body needs to excrete waste more than once a week. That was for me.

Surprisingly, your gut health including the amount of water you consume to flush out toxins, directly affects how each of your various hormones performs. During a woman’s monthly cycle there’s FSH which helps our eggs grow and mature, LH and estrogen that is vital for ovulation, and progesterone that helps maintain early pregnancy.

When one of these hormones is imbalanced the entire system fails to work properly. 

When our gut is holding on to waste or not performing the duties (no pun intended) that is required then it directly affects how the rest of our body functions. So a good question to ask yourself is: Does my gut health need to be addressed?

  • Day 7 – Consider Investing in a Health or Nutrition Coach

So maybe you’ve found that you have some of the above hormonal imbalances and maybe you need some accountability or guidance on eating right and taking care of your body. It may be time to consider investing in a health or nutrition coach. 

A fertility coach would be ideal if you are currently trying to get pregnant and need guidance.

Seeking a professional for guidance on this journey can help tremendously and get you to your results quicker. If you are currently trying to get pregnant, consider joining my Fertile Faith Program, a course for women who need guidance on creating healthy mindsets and bodies while trying to conceive.

how to balance your hormones

Prayer for Healing of Hormonal Imbalance

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you so much for the information you provided to me on balancing hormones. I thank you Lord for revealing to me the need to become healthier for myself and for my family.  I pray Lord that the symptoms I’m experiencing will be healed in Jesus’ name.  I break any generational curse linked to hormonal imbalance that may be holding back my healing. I pray that you go into each and every organ, each and every hormone cycle, and each and every part of my body that needs to be healed and that your power work through me.

I pray that you give me the desire and the discipline to change my eating habits, exercise on a regular regimen, and get adequate sleep for my body. Allow me to find rest in you Lord as I deal with any stress factors that may overcome my mind. I pray that your hands will touch my gut and heal any issues that I may have in the name of Jesus. Lord, I pray that you reveal to me the need for a coach to help guide me in the timing that you desire it to happen. I pray this healing prayer in Jesus’ name, Amen. 

Final Thoughts on Hormone Balancing

If you follow this plan to balance your hormones in a week you could start to see significant changes in your body in a few days as I did. But know, this is not just something you can do in a week and then go back to your old ways. Hormone balance like any other health issue takes a change in your lifestyle habits that will give you long-term happiness in the long run!

Which of these tips have you already tried in your journey to balancing your hormones? Will you try this plan starting today?

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