Beginners Guide: The Elvie Curve Pump (Review)

elvie curve pump

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This was a highly requested review requested on my YouTube channel to review the Elvie Curve Pump. So I wanted to transcribe that video and put it here permanently on the blog in the hopes to share my thoughts with more mamas out there looking and comparing different pumps.

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of electric pumps so the creation and design of these silicone pumps have been a Godsend. Thank you, Lord!

I’m also a fan of the manual pump but SIS, that’s a whole forearm workout. LOL

But on to what you want to know about the Elvie Curve!

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Where to Buy the Elvie Curve

  • Target

Check the latest Target prices here.

  • Amazon

Check the latest Amazon prices here.

I personally bought mines on Amazon (this is not a sponsored post and this is my honest review) but sometimes Target is running a sale on their site with the pump so it’s worth mentioning them as well. Also, with Target’s Red Card you can get 5% off. Any other Target members out there?!

Okay, moving on.

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elvie curve pump review

How does the Elvie Curve work?

So I bought this with the intention of using it in place of my Haakaa, but we’re not here to talk about the Haakaa. This is all about the curve.

It actually comes in two pieces. Mines may look a little bit dusty. We live in the country and have well water so everything washed with it makes it look dusty.

The silicone portion that holds the milk goes into the plastic holder. I’m sure you could use the silicone only in your bra if you wanted but it has a case for it so why not use it?!

With the Elvie Curve, it has a 4oz allotment so you can gather up to 4oz. On the back, there is a valve you can pinch to relieve pressure or suction while on the breast. 

To apply the Elvie Curve you place it inside your bra over your breast and once correctly placed you press in the silicone in order to create suction. If it loses suction at any time you can just press in again.

Using the Elvie Curve in Everyday Life

I used the Elvie Curve during my second postpartum journey with baby #2. Before reviewing I used it for a couple of weeks to give you my honesty and a better understanding of it. I also used it in multiple ways:

  • While breastfeeding.

I applied the suction to one breast and breastfed my newborn on the other side using a nursing bra. This is similar to other silicone suction pumps so no difference here.

  • While doing chores

I applied the Elvie while washing the dishes and doing normal activities around the house. Honestly afterwhile, you forget it’s there until breastmilk sloshes against your skin.

  • While working out

I used it while doing all types of workouts including cardio and strength training.

  • While breastfeeding at night

Now, this. For a woman who has personally been a victim of spilled breastmilk in the bed at night and not getting up to clean it but just placing a towel or burp cloth over it and going back to sleep…. This is for those types of women. 

This is probably my favorite part of using this particular pump because it does fit snugly inside your nursing bra there’s minimal room for leakage to happen

  • While in public, specifically at church

Now, if you’re not modest Mary like me this won’t apply. I know there are some women who are comfortable being out and open and free but that’s just not how this mama rolls. So I specifically like that I can put this in my bra and be discrete while pumping.

I can even pop it on to suction before I know my baby is about to bust a choir note so that I can pour a bottle. It’s very convenient in that way.

elvie curve pump review

Pros of the Elvie Curve

  • It can’t fall off and spill

Mainly when I’m feeding the baby or even when I forget about it at night, it’s well hidden and suctioned. Meaning, my baby can’t kick it off while it’s pumping (which has happened before with my Haakaa, and it’s absolutely devastating). When they say don’t cry over spilled milk I’m sure they were talking about breastfeeding mothers.

  • Discretion

It’s kind of discrete, but not really. If I have a tight-fitted shirt on it is definitely visible but if I’m wearing a hoodie or something larger it can easily be hidden. It sticks out about an inch and a half. 

  • You can work out with it

I’ve had many times where I have leaked while working out but when the Elvie Curve is set inside my sports bra it doesn’t move. 

  • Easy to clean

To clean I just use a bottle brush with soap and water after every use. It’s recommended to boil every week just like any other silicone-based product. For that, I just use our bottle steamer.

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Cons of the Elvie Curve

  • It’s pricey (compared to competitors)

It’s about $30 more than the other suction pump I use (haakaa). But definitely worth it if you’re a multitasker, which as a mom I’m sure most of us are.

  • It’s bulky for smaller breasts

But if you wear baggier clothes in public it’s not bad. 

Final Thoughts on the Elvie Curve Pump

I would definitely recommend the Elvie Curve Pump but give it time. Just like any pump, it takes time to get used to it and how your body is going to respond to the pump.

At first, I wasn’t getting a lot out of it but it took some time to trial and error and adjust to using it. Overall, I believe it’s a great pump to use for every mom looking to detach from the wires of life.

Let me know, have you tried the Elvie Curve Pump? What’s your favorite pump to use currently?

elvie curve pump review

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