How Many Haakaas Do You Need? The TRUTH About Breastfeeding

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In 1 month I was able to save 6300ml (210 oz) of breast milk using a haakaa pump! This liquid gold saver has been a complete breastfeeding gamechanger! Learn in this post how to use haakaa to its full capacity.

I started with one haakaa pump and in week 2, after my second daughter was born, I bought another haakaa to start double pumping and increase milk supply. So how many haakaas do you really need? Let’s dive into that question.

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how to use haakaa pump

Do you need two haakaas? 


Your baby is a pump as well. When you are using the haakaa it’s when you have the haakaa on one breast and baby feeding on the other breast. 

The haakaa catches the let down (initiation of breast milk) while feeding your baby.

Another thing the haakaa is good for is essentially tricking your body. When you use the haakaa while feeding your baby it signals to your body that there are two latches, which will help increase milk supply.

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The electric pump was causing me to be a little more irritated with my breastfeeding journey and a pumping routine than I needed to be. Using the haakaa pump was so much easier!

What is a Haakaa?

A haakaa is a silicone breast pump that creates a suction to the breast and catches milk that would otherwise spill or leak into a nursing pad. It’s basically the main breastfeeding essential a mother needs.

The Haka pump is so good for just building the stash. You can take them wherever you want. They are not big and bulky like a normal manual or electric pump.

You can literally put them in your purse and grab & go. 

I’ve also used them in public with my nursing cover while breastfeeding. I don’t recommend this if you have an active baby because they can knock the Haka off but for those first newborn stages, it’s an excellent pump to use!

Who is it for?

The haakaa pump is for every nursing, breastfeeding, a new and postpartum mama who wants to save or increase her breast milk supply! 

Unlike regular electric or manual pumps the haakaa works by suction and is completely hands-free! Which makes me love it even more so than my electric pump!

How Does the Haakaa Pump Work?

As previously stated, the haakaa pump is a silicone breast pump that isn’t actually a pump. It catches the let-down of the attached breast to save milk. 

There are a couple of ways to attach the Haakaa pump and as demonstrated in the video above. You can either fold the flange back in suction to the breast or you can attach it in suction without folding.

I personally have seen better results while folding the flange and suctioning to the breast. This method allows for a better hold and I have also received better output doing this method.

Why Do You Need a Haakaa Pump?

If you are a breastfeeding mother you need the Haakaa in order to save milk and save time.  Like I stated before I saved 210 oz just in the first month of using the haakaa with my newborn.

Each time I fed her I would just attach the Haka as well and catch the milk that would usually spill or leak onto a nursing pad. 

The milk that I caught in that first month has so many beneficial nutrients! When my toddler became sick I was able to give her some of my breast milk from the newborn stages to help heal her quicker.

What a blessing!

how to use haakaa pump

When Can You Start Using a Haakaa?

Many Physicians and lactation Consultants have varying opinions on when you should begin using a breast pump. In my personal experience, I started to use a breast pump with my firstborn after the first month. 

In comparison, I started using the haakaa breast pump with my second born when my milk first came in which was about 48 hours after birth. 

I believe because I didn’t initiate this process sooner I was able to increase and save more milk. You definitely want to consult your local lactation consultant in order to figure out what’s best for you.

how to use haakaa pump

Where Can You Buy a Haakaa Breast Pump?

Houses are now available to purchase on multiple websites as well as Target and Walmart. My first haakaa was actually a gift from my Amazon baby registry and I purchased my second haakaa on Amazon as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions that I’ve received from multiple mamas on Instagram as well as on my YouTube channel so I thought I’d answer them here as well.

How Does The Haakaa Work?

The haakaa silicone breast pump works by suction. It uses suction to draw out milk from the milk ducts in your breast. When applied correctly it can pump as much as an electric pump would in a pumping session. 

Does the Haakaa Pump Increase Supply?

Depends. The haakaa pump like any other pump can be used to increase supply depending on how often you are using it. 

When I pump with my haakaa it is usually simultaneously while feeding. I have also used it in conjunction with my Medela manual pump when we are on vacation or on the go.

I find that I get the most out of it when I am feeding or pumping on the opposite side of the haakaa.

Also when using a haakaa pump I usually will keep it on until it has stopped dripping. This allows it to grab the most milk. Once it is finished and the haakaa is full I will then take that haakaa off, empty into a bottle and apply it again just in case there is some more milk to be collected.

Which Haakaa Should You Buy?

So which haakaa should you get? Easy! The most convenient the better. The haakaa that I would go for is the 5.4 oz haakaa that has a suction bottom so it doesn’t spill. Check out the latest prices for it here.

Overall, the haakaa pump is a must-have if you are a new breastfeeding mama. It will not let you down well it will, see what I did there. LOL. It truly is in my daily routine and I don’t know how mamas survive without it!


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