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In this post, I share 5 DPO Symptoms Success Stories including my own. I definitely knew I was pregnant at 5 DPO. Like ABSOLUTELY knew.

The one symptom that gave it away for me was creamy cervical mucus. It also lasted for a few days which was an indicator for me that something was going on.

Usually, in a normal hormone balance cycle, cervical mucus will “dry up” after ovulation. This happens as the cervix releases an egg and starts to close to protect your uterus.

With the symptoms of creamy cervical mucus during my 2ww (two week wait) I knew that pregnancy could be on the horizon for me. And spoiler alert, it was!

As I write this blog I am currently in my second trimester.

5 DPO Symptoms success stories
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Is 5 DPO too early for symptoms?

Yes and no. Implantation of a released egg does not usually occur until 6 DPO, but as we know with our bodies, they do what they want. It is possible to have pre-menstrual symptoms that mimic early pregnancy symptoms at 5 DPO. 

The only way to confirm pregnancy is to take a pregnancy test in the appropriate timeframe for your specific implantation process (which can be different for everyone).

Can you get a positive result 5 days after ovulation?

Not likely. It usually takes 48 hours for the pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), to produce and release in your body after implantation. Implantation occurs between six to 12 DPO. So 5 DPO while you can possibly experience implantation, it’s not likely that a positive pregnancy test will show.

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When should you test?

Some women will have levels high enough to test after those 48 hours and receive a positive pregnancy test. In most cases, it is ideal to wait a week, around the time you are expecting your next period, to test. 

5 DPO Symptoms Success Stories

At the beginning of my TTC journey, I had no idea what to do. For six months I was trying and trying and finally, I asked myself: what’s going on? So I took to YouTube and it has definitely become an outlet for me even in my own journey but I’ve also learned from the experiences of other mamas on YouTube that continue to share their testimony. 

Symptom spotting is something that sometimes we can’t control. We get one little twinge in immediately run to Google, and that’s okay.

What’s not okay is letting the symptom spotting overwhelm you in this TTC journey. So if you’re comfortable I’ve posted some videos down below that may be helpful for you to LEARN from in this two-week wait.

Credit: Octavia Steen

This is my vlog-style reveal of the earliest pregnancy symptoms I was having, specifically at 5 DPO. I take you into a day in my life with my 2 toddlers, workout routine, and playtime.

Credit: Abby Lindquist

Abby gives us a play-by-play of how she knew she was pregnant before taking a pregnancy test. She explains her symptoms from as early as 5 DPO. 

Credit: Krishan Satterfield

Krishan also gives us a day-by-day DPO discussion explaining what she was feeling in the two-week wait during this sit-down video.

A Prayer for Your Two Week Wait

Dear heavenly Father, I pray your abundant blessing over the womb of the future mother who is reading this post. I pray that she trust in you with all of her heart and lean not unto your own understanding or Google but acknowledges you during her TTC Journey so that you can give her direction on the next steps she should take. I pray that your overwhelming love will consume her heart during the two-week wait as she waits for the blessing that she knows you have in store for her. I pray that her mind is covered and protected from everything that goes on in this world. I pray that implantation will be successful and she will hold a healthy baby in her arms in 9 months. Look on your daughter and the desires of her heart, In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Final Thoughts

While I believe that my 5 DPO symptoms were simply contributing to my implantation symptoms and helping my body prepare for what is ahead. 5 DPO is a bit early to symptom spot (although I know we can’t help ourselves sometimes).

Are you currently 5 DPO? What symptoms are you currently experiencing?

Blessings + Baby Dust!

5 DPO symptoms success stories
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