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The New Fire and Flow Beachbody Fitness Program: 4 Weeks to Fit!

Last Updated on June 13, 2022 by Avi Steen

Are you looking for a new fitness program to help you get in shape? Look no further than fire and flow Beachbody! This 4-week program is designed to help you reach your fitness goals and get the body you’ve always wanted. The best part is that fire and flow Beachbody is entirely customizable, so it can be tailored to fit your individual needs. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced exerciser, fire and flow Beachbody will help you achieve your desired results.

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Fire and Flow Beachbody At A Glance

fire and flow beachbody

Fire and Flow Pros

  • The program is only four weeks long
  • Can be customized to fit your individual fitness level and needs
  • Gives you the fire (motivation) and flow (structure) you need to succeed

Fire and Flow Cons

  • It may be too intense for some people (specifically those with joint issues)

Key Takeaway

The Fire and Flow fitness program is a great way to get in shape and achieve your fitness goals. It’s customizable, so it can be tailored to your individual needs, and it’s only four weeks long. Fire and Flow Beachbody is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a new fitness program!

Why should you listen to me?

I’ve been using Beachbody programs for more than four years now, and I have seen some amazing results. I have been through two postpartum journeys, and each time I lost 30+ pounds.

fastest way to lose weight while breastfeeding

This July, I’m starting my third postpartum journey with the fire and flow program.

The great thing about Beachbody is that there is a program for everyone. No matter what your fitness level or experience is, you can find a program that will work for you.

And the best part is that as a coach, I can help you find the right program and stick with it long-term. So if you’re ready to start seeing real results, let’s get started!

Fire and Flow Beachbody

What is it?

Fire and Flow is a system of training that combines the benefits of both HIIT and low impact mobility. The system alternates between high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and low impact flows, allowing you to get the best of both worlds.

The HIIT portions of the workout help to build strength and endurance, while the low impact workouts help to improve flexibility and calm the mind. The combination of these two elements makes Fire and Flow an effective way to improve overall fitness.

In addition, the program is designed to be accessible for all levels of fitness, so it is a great option for anyone who is looking to start or expand their workout routine.

Whether you are new to exercise or a seasoned athlete, Fire and Flow can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Is there a modifier?

Yes! The fire and flow program has a modifier in each workout video . The modifier is there to help make the program more accessible for people of all fitness levels.

Fire and Flow Beachbody Results

Check out a few of these amazing results from the test group.

Samantha L.

fire and flow beachbody results

Shalena D.

fire and flow beachbody results

Pounds Lost: Lost 12.5 lbs, 14.75″ total, 5″ off waist

Quote: “I LOVE the two-trainer method. I love the hardcore workouts with Jericho, and the fact that I can stretch out these old sore muscles with Elise has been amazing!”

Disclaimer: Results vary based on starting point and effort. Results achieved in 6 months using FIRE AND FLOW with Shakeology and Beachbody Performance supplements.

Kami F.

fire and flow beachbody results


The Fire and Flow program is currently available for $160 USD and includes the following:

  • Supplement of your choice
  • Shaker Cup
  • Annual Beachbody On Demand access
  • First 30 days of BODi access
  • VIP Early Access to stream FIRE AND FLOW
  • Step-By-Step Guide and Workout Calendar (printed & digital)
  • FIRE AND FLOW 4-Week Journal (printed & digital)
  • Resistance Loops
  • Quick Start Nutrition Guide
  • 2B Mindset and Portion Fix digital nutrition programs

Equipment Needed

The Fire and Flow program requires the following equipment:

Dumbbells (I use these adjustable DBs on Amazon)

Resistance Bands (included with purchase of total solution pack)

A workout mat is optional.

Fire and Flow Release Date

The Fire and Flow program was released for VIP Early Access on May 24, 2022

Who is Fire and Flow right for?

The Fire and Flow program is right for anyone who is looking to improve their overall fitness. It is a great option for beginners as it is easy to follow and modify, and it is also a great option for experienced athletes who are looking for a challenging workout.

If you are looking for a program that will help you lose weight, build muscle, and improve your overall fitness, then the Fire and Flow program is a great option for you.

Who should avoid Fire and Flow?

Pregnant women and people who are injured or have a medical condition should avoid the Fire and Flow program. If you are pregnant or nursing, we recommend that you consult with your doctor before starting any workout program.

If you have an injury or medical condition, we recommend that you consult with your doctor before starting the Fire and Flow program.

How do I get started with Fire and Flow?

If you are ready to start your journey with Fire and Flow, click here to sign up for VIP Early Access.

Fire and Flow Sample Workout

Below is a sample workout from the Fire and Flow program.

Fire and Flow FAQ

Is there a promotion sale for fire and flow?

Yes, the fire and flow program is currently $20 OFF for a limited time only.

Who are the fire and flow trainers?

Jericho McMatthews and Elise Joan are the co-creators and trainers for fire and flow.

What type of results can I expect from fire and flow?

You can expect to see improved fitness levels, increased muscle definition, and reduced body fat.

What is the structure of the fire and flow Beachbody program?

The fire and flow program is a four-week program that consists of six workout days per week. Each workout is approximately 25-30 minutes long.

There are 8 bonus workouts including 4 option cycle rides (exclusive to BODi members).

fire and flow journal

What program materials or resources come with the program?

In addition to workout equipment, you’ll need a Fire and Flow 4-week journal which is included with the purchase.

What is the fire and flow meal plan?

There are 2 nutrition programs included with the purchase of fire and flow- 2B Mindset and the Portion Fix digital nutrition program.

Each nutrition program comes with simple and delicious recipes as well as sample meal plans to follow based on your individual needs.

Is there a money-back guarantee for fire and flow?

Yes, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee for all customers who purchase fire and flow.


The Fire and Flow program is a great option for anyone who is looking to improve their overall fitness. It is easy to follow and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Click here to sign up for VIP Early Access and get started on your fitness journey today!


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