A prayer for pregnancy is a wonderful way to give thanks for the new life growing inside of you and to ask for guidance and protection throughout your pregnancy.

This prayer can be said at any time during your pregnancy, but it is especially meaningful when you are feeling anxious or scared. If you are looking for encouragement during your pregnancy, read on for a prayer that will uplift and support you.

Pregnancy is such a beautiful experience. One that Carl and I struggled in the beginning to reach but by the grace of God and through many prayers I am now on my third healthy pregnancy.

We have two beautiful daughters who I carried in separate pregnancies to week 38. As I think about this baby and the prayers that have gone forth, I get so excited to meet him or her and see what he or she will look like.

I know you are probably experiencing the same excitement or maybe even some anxieties. I want to share with you one of the prayers that I pray during my pregnancy to cover and protect my womb.

This post is all about prayer for pregnancy to encourage new moms.

prayer for pregnancy

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Prayer for Pregnancy

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you, Lord, first and foremost for the life growing inside of me. I thank you Lord for each day, week, and month that goes by that you allow me to carry this blessing. I pray Lord your continued blessings on my womb and the baby growing inside.

Lord, continue to cover and protect my womb from any hurt, harm, or danger. Allow your angels to encamp my household as we lean continuously on you for provision.

I rebuke any anxieties and negative thoughts that may surround me during this time. I speak life, and life abundantly, over this baby and my entire family as well.

Lord, I pray that this child of God will grow into the man or woman of God you desire them to be. I pray they will be saved by the blood of Jesus and preach the gospel to others in their own unique ways.

My prayer is that their life will be an example of how they were raised in a Godly household and that your shield of protection will carry them to their destinies.

Lord, continue to touch this pregnancy and heal any hurts, aches, or pains. As the baby grows, allow my body to accommodate and adjust properly for what’s to come. I pray for safe and expedient labor with no complications or pain.

Lord, help me each and every day to depend on you for strength, love, and guidance as you mold me into a strong and beautiful mother.

Help my husband to know that he is also continuously loved as we add an additional member to the family. Mold him into the father of God you desire him to be. Allow him to grow spiritually and mentally through this time and carry the confidence and capability to provide for his family.

Lord, I thank you for all that you have done. For dying on the cross for my sins, so that I can be eternally forgiven. I thank you for what you’re doing inside of me now, physically and spiritually. And I give you thanks and am forever grateful for the plans that you have for my future because I know their good.

In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

Final Thoughts

Prayer for pregnancy can be a wonderful way to give thanks for the new life growing inside of you and to ask for guidance and protection throughout your pregnancy.

Feel free to take the above prayer and make it your own. Read it as an example of how you can pray to God from your heart over your pregnancy.

This post was all about prayer for pregnancy to encourage a new mom.

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